Flash Cards

George and I decided to start Paisley on some flash cards. She is doing great.

Check out the video.

Almost Forgot...

Things have been crazy in our household the last few weeks. In addition, I have had some back issues that are coming and going. I am basically falling apart here and I turn 34 in a couple of weeks. What next... Anyways, enough whining or George will really turn me in for a younger model. :)

I have been busy with church. We had an activity where the girls earned a pie to throw at the Bishopric for every value and project they completed. One girl earned 11 pies. Here are a couple of photos. We put up plastic and launched away!

We had our dear friends the Knoblich's over for dinner. Here is Ryanne and Paisley with their blue frosting mouths.

We have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather. I asked Paisley to sit near her sign that George did, but she decided otherwise.

She is swimming with the water here...

George's chili's are doing great.

Our tomatoes...not so much...

Paisley playing around. Notice her bad burn mark. Poor baby was a trooper. Didn't complain at all.

We had friends over to play. Fun times.

That is all I found on the camera...as I said...it has been busy.

Thanks Clint and Mariah!!!

Sunday night we had some old friends from high school over for dinner. Clint is so talented that he takes scrap metal and makes things with them.

Here is my collection that I keep in my office. He brought me the venus fly trap looking one last night. Love them.

They are made out of spoons, knives, sprockets, bolts, etc.

Thanks much Clint and Mariah!!!!

My Bumble Bee

Ok, I just had to share this one. Sarah...what can I say...you are awesome. Here is our little bumble bee and thanks Linda for letting us use your flowers!

2010 Christmas Card Pictures

This year I decided that we were going to get our Christmas card pictures done early to take advantage of the good weather. So Friday after work we headed out with our good friend Sarah to get them done. We took family shots and multiple shots of Paisley in 3 different outfits.

She was not a happy camper and as you can see by my photos not cooperative in my mind. Sarah thought she did great. These are the ones I took. Sarah is working on the rest.

As you can see...mine are not that great. She would not look at the camera.

We tried a chair as a prop. Not so good...

Outfit number 2...I bought this last year on sale and now it barely fits. Oh well, Linda looks like Elizabeth will have a brand new dress to wear soon. Love the plum color. Sarah took more of this outfit. This is all I got.

Last, but not least we took pictures in her Halloween costume. She is going to be a bumble bee. We went to Linda's flower garden for those. I did not get any there on my camera...by this time she was a pain in the rear. She was fed up and even chocolate could not bribe her.
I am sure Sarah has tons of great pictures. You all will get to see the final product at Christmas.
After this we went out for a girls night...boy did I need it.

Too Much Mom...

So, George worked the holiday yesterday...Paisley and I took pictures. She eventually got burnt out and told me too much mom. Here is our little angel.

Love this girl!!!!

More Random Pictures

Last night mom had us over for dinner. I made dessert. Pineapple upside down cake in the shape of pineapples. This is the first time I was able to use my new pan from William and Sonoma. They turned out great.

Kyanne has a new haircut for school. She is in High School now. Wow...can't believe it.

George took the girls berry picking last weekend. They brought back tons for blueberry cobbler. Jeneva just woke up...don't mind her hair. She has a new hair cut for school too.