Sydney Boyer

A great friend and retired co-workers granddaughter has a severe cancer and she is now living at the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle going back and forth to Children's. Check out this link to learn more about Sydney...

Sydney is a sweet girl and a good friend of my niece Kyanne. Sydney also lives on my mom's street out off of West Beach. She desperately needs your prayers! Please remember her and pray for her.

I am always reminded how blessed my family and I are. We have tons of difficulties and adversity, but then you read about a precious little girl like this and realize your difficulties and adversity is nothing compared to the fight she is beginning.

Disney Mask

My grandfather has been at Whidbey General in the critical care unit for the last 4 days with a severe case of pneumonia. In addition, he has emphysema, severe diabetes, chronic heart disease and cancer. After church yesterday I went to visit with him for awhile-surprisingly he is doing better-they had told us Saturday that he would not make it through the night. What can I say, that Shimel blood is stubborn.

I did not want to bring Paisley to the hospital for many reasons, so she stayed home with dad. Great-grandma Shimel had this mask for her, so I brought it home and she played and played with it. In your prayers please pray for grandpa Shimel. Thanks.

Paisley's Bite Mark

Paisley was at school yesterday afternoon playing and another little boy her size and age bit her on the shoulder. He bit right through her shirt and broke skin!!!!!

I can not believe that happened. The boy was pulled to the side, but what can you really do to a 14 month baby except seperate them and say no no no.

Poor Paisley was mess. She cried for a half an hour. I am surprised she did not punch the kid. I know that is not right too, but come on.

Anyone had this experience and what did you do or even what can you do?

On top of that, I had a church meeting that I needed to go to last night and all I wanted to do was cuddle her and make sure she was ok, but duty calls. Daddy is a great cuddler too and took great care of our angel.

Thanks Bonnie and Kelly Anne for listening to my dilemma last night. I have been assured by Larry Smith that this is only the beginning.

President's Day @ The Park

We took Paisley to the park yesterday and she went down the slide for the first time. She really enjoyed it. It was nice spending the whole day together as a family. Check her out. She is a bit of a dare devil.

What's In Mommy's Purse

Everytime I turn around the girl is in my purse. She loves taking everything out. If you remember a few posts ago, she has her own!!!! Guess that plan didn't work. Doesn't she look cute for church! If you can't tell, she is also a ham for the camera.

Little Mommy

Here is Paisley feeding one of her dolls her Aunt Diana gave her for Christmas. Excuse the slobber on Paisley's shirt....she is teething a lot right now.

She said MaMa!!!!!

Ok, so I had a fabulous night last night. Paisley finally said MaMa!!! She has DaDa down great, but never MaMa...I am afterall the one who nursed her and gave birth to that too much to ask????

I have to tell you the favorite part of my day is coming home after work and the gym to Paisley running at me with her arms wide open to give me a hugs. It just makes my day complete.

It is so much fun seeing Paisley hit each milestone in her life. We are absorbing every minute of it.

Lazy Sunday

Daddy was doing some laundry Sunday afternoon. He just happened to have washed Paisley's favorite blanket. She climbed in the laundry basket, found it, put her thumb in her mouth and proceeded to take a nap in the laundry basket.

Abigail and Angus

Abigail and Angus are our English Mastiffs for those that don't know that. George and I were thinking about how old they are getting. Angus is already 10 and Abigail will be 7 this year. The life span for a purebred English Mastiff is between 10 and 12 years. Poor old Angus is really showing his age these days. He is blind, his bones ache and he is grumpy!!!

Last night we had a little scare. The dogs have always been good with Paisley, but I think they had enough of Paisley picking on them. Abbey decided she was going to take a swipe at Paisley and she got her in the head. Just a little mark, but enough to make us keep them all away from each other from here on out. If you have ever been around giant dogs you know their bark is loud and fierce. I almost had a heart attack!!!

Artist In The Making

On Thursday afternoons Paisley attends a class with other little children. She plays, does crafts and paints. She painted me this picture last week.

Lazy Boy Warranty Woes

Did you know that Lazy Boy furniture has a lifetime warranty on its parts?

The only thing I didn't know is that it would take 8 months to complete. I had just about had it last weekend with the bottom of the chair falling out and having to pick up foam every day. George and I had decided we would just get a new recliner.

Then the phone rang and the repair man said he had the parts and that he would be there Thursday to fix it. HURRAY!!!!

He did show up and he did fix the chair. It feels sooooo much better on our backs. Not only did we save money by not having to buy a new recliner (ours is still in really good shape after 6+ years), but we also got the repair labor for free because it took so long. ANOTHER HURRAY!!!

I had sworn off Lazy Boy furniture, but now I may reconsider.

Girls Night Out

Thanks Sarah, Linda, Becky and Mimi for a fabulous girls night out on Friday. It was so much fun! Until next time....

Eating Monster

Paisley loves to eat everything. Here she is having breakfast while I was at church yesterday. Her daddy took these photos. Excuse the messy table behind her.

Paisley's New Purse

Paisley loves taking my purse and walking around the house with it on her shoulder. I decided the next time we were out and about that I would get her one of her very own. So, here is Paisley holding her purse. Not the best picture with her belly hanging there you go.

Daddy Daughter Play Date

On Saturday afternoon I went to a Tastefully Simply party at a friends house (thanks Tallie for coming with me) and George and Paisley decided to have a play date at the park. Paisley absolutely loves the outdoors and the park is her new found love. Check her out on the swing.