Dancing With The Stars

We finally had the opportunity to watch the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars. We love that show. Paisley does too. Check out our dancing queen.

This is the Place...

So, here is our replacement t.v. for the bedroom for the one that pooped out a week ago. Of course it would be replaced with a LCD flat panel t.v. per George. If he had his way it would have been a LED one, but I was able to reign him back in. I love that it gives us so much more room on the top of the dresser.

Daddy bought Paisley a gift...it was another pop up tent. George thought it would be cool to put it on top of her crib. Paisley wanted her picture taken in the crib. The pop up tent came with a matching sleeping bag, compass and flashlight. She is set for camping.

This was a fun weekend. It began with a Girls Night Out Friday with tons of laughs. Thanks ladies!!! Then Saturday I had the opportunity to go get a pedicure at the Majestic Spa in Anacortes with a friend for her birthday. I went wild and went with RED nail polish. I never do RED. Mainly because it is so bold and secondly I like neutrals better. Red is wild and really screams out to you. Everytime I look at it I wonder what I was thinking.

We also splurged on this exfoilating scrub....their signature product made with brown sugar. It smells so good.

Saturday night I had a great opportunity to go to a Young Women's Broadcast. It was very uplifting. I loved listening to Dieter F. Uchtdorf. He had a wonderful commanding voice and was really funny. His talk was what a girl needed to hear to understand her divine purpose in life.

This weekend we also took a drive to Rasar State Park to check out the group camp area. I know what you are thinking...why in the world would Sandra want to check out a camping site when she absolutely hates camping. Well my loving husband decided to plan a group camping trip for the employees and their families at work. I was just as shocked as you when I found out. Anyways...it was a nice drive and quality family time.

Paisley's hair is wet from the rain and she is sad that she can't check out the cool playground they had.

Diana...this is for you. I found these cute outfits for Logan. I will send them with mom when she comes to Spain in a couple of weeks. Love ya.

George and I are always prepared. We have Paisley's Easter basket all ready to go. Her dress has been purchased and her new white shoes have been found. Growing up we always were gifted a new Easter dress/outfit-most of the time mom made our dresses. I am glad that I can keep that tradition going with my little one.

If you know me well enough you know that I think reading fiction is a waste of time. That is until I read the Twilight series that jump started me back to reading fiction.
I have been reading Pride and Prejudice sequels for the last 6 months or so and I LOVE THEM ALL. Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite and I absolutley love Mr. Darcy. I have to say George is my Mr. Darcy...he reminds me daily of those tender loving moments that Elizabeth and Darcy share in the books and I can see them in the way George treats me.
Ok, enough sappiness...this is the book I am on now. I can not put it down. It is so good.
Enough of this already....I need to finish baking my cookies for family home evening tomorrow. Kyanne and Jeneva spend the night every Monday and together with George and Paisley we have family home evening. It is a great way to spend time together. I have something great planned for them tomorrow. I can't wait!!!

Gold Fish Extravaganza

This Saturday-
March 27th
My cousin tells me this is a lot of fun. In the baby pool they put a bunch of goldfish in there and the little ones by age get to fish them out and take them home.
If you don't want fish...like us....then you can give them to someone else.
More details go to the pools website.

Tons of Photos

LOVE this smile.

Ok, so first of all....I have a new toy to play with...a really fun digital camera Nikkon D90. I do not have it all figured out yet and I haven't figured out all of the cute ways to pose Paisley, but that will come in time.

These pictures are in no particular order.

Here is Paisley and daddy in the hot tub. Paisley loves her new kick board.
Too cute!!!

Daddy went to the family cabin up in the San Juans this week, so Paisley and I had a lot of mommy-daughter time. We played with playdough outside, then forgot to bring it in and the dogs ate it. Yuk!!!

Love that smile.

We played with bubbles.

This is documentation for future use that she is not an angel.
Here she is yelling at me.

This is her telling me NO. Needless to say lots of time outs this weekend.

I trimmed her hair on Saturday and we pulled out the stroller to get ready to meet daddy and the family up at Friday Harbor for dinner. Paisley put her babies in the stroller and pushed them around.

Ok, for you environmental lovers. This machine takes water....yes water and turns it into a cleaner and sanitizer without any chemicals. It is 6 more times powerful than bleach. This is practical and wise. I am all for practical and wise!

Here is my kitchen table sanded down. This is a project that I have been wanting to do for awhile.

Here is the beginning of my project.

Here is Paisley with Papa Nick at the cabin.

George has a new skill. He laid this new carpet on the floor at the cabin. He did a great job.

Here is Paisley on the ferry.

Paisley took this picture of Melissa. Thanks Melissa for tag teaming with me on the ferry. We had a great time traveling with you.

My new kitchenaid hand mixer...my other hand mixer pooped out, so George bought me this one.

The t.v. in the bedroom pooped out last night so shopping we go. I just wish the washer and dryer would poop out so I can get my new ones of those. I just can't justify buying new things until the old ones are done.


We found all these old pictures of the nieces...

Here is Marissa. Love the curls.


Jeneva, Kyanne and my dad on one of our many Disneyland trips.


Hailey and Julia.

Kyanne and Abbey. We decided to dress Abbey us one year for Halloween. We could not find a costume that was big enough for an English Mastiff...so this had to do.

Kyanne and my Grandma Shimel.




Jeneva...her hair hasn't changed.