What next....

Sooooooo...George brought this slide home today. I don't believe I need to tell you from where.

Needless to say Paisley loves it. She is easily pleased.

George just finished mowing the yard and we put it out there. The black stuff on her feet is freshly cut grass...she couldn't wait one second for me to put her shoes on.

No worries, we just hosed her off before she came in for dinner.

Wooden Shoes

One of my dearest friends remembered to pick up these shoes for me this weekend since we were out of town. Thank you so much Tallie-you are awesome. She picked out the most beautiful pair for Paisley-I could not have done better myself.

The yellow duck was a gift from her grandson who won it for Paisley at the carnival.

I put the shoes on Paisley when we got home and she loved them!!! She has been stomping around in them all night and all morning. I am glad she loves them!

Opening Day Fishing Weekend

We had a great weekend. We spent the weekend at George's moms house. It is our tradition to open up the fishing season at her house. She lives on Lake Benson. George was so excited...it was like he was going to Disneyland. We had a fun and relaxing weekend.

Before we got there Papa Nick baby proofed the house. Paisley has a fascination with stairs, but she doesn't know how to come down them very well. Here she is tring to break through the barrier.

Here is uncle Kona doing a little fishing.

We decided to take Paisley out on the boat. She was not happy about that for some reason. Maybe next time.

Here is Paisley going up and down the outside stairs. She loves them!

Here is picture of George's moms beautiful house. Papa Nick is sitting by the fire pit warming up.

Here is George with one of the fish he caught this weekend.

Here he is with Paisley, she didn't care about the fish....she just wanted to get back to the steps.

Here is Paisley supervising on the dock.
Thanks for the great weekend !!!

Twilight Saga

Ok, so I know I am way behind the eight ball on this one. I have owned the Twilight saga for months now, not even knowing how much I was going to enjoy them. It took me literally months to even open the first book, not sure why.

About 2 weeks ago I watched the movie first. It intrigued me so much that I picked up the book and read it in about a week due to it being so busy. Then I took the 2nd book with me this weekend and read it in one day...I could not put it down. I must say that I loved the movie as equally as I loved the book. The book of course explained more, but I love to have a face to the characters before I read a book.

Needless to say I absolutely love the two books that I have read thus far. I began the 3rd book last night after we got home from our great weekend away.

I don't know what it is, but I am so addicted to the whole story. Not just because it is so romantic, but for some reason that I can't pin point at the moment.

My brother in law Kona was making fun this weekend about how I could not put it down and I told him that it wasn't the love between Bella and Edward, but that all girls want to be protected and watched over. I believe because it is more than lust, it is a deep down love that is not just focused on the physical.

This may be too deep for a blog, but there you go. Anyways-to all of you ladies out there that have read all of the books I will be joining you soon. I can not wait to read the rest and I am already disappointed that I only have two left.

The same thing happened to me when I read the Harry Potter books. It is so bitter sweet.

Long Week So Far...And it is only Wednesday!

It has been a long week and it is only Wednesday morning. Ever feel like that? Here are some pictures of our long week.

I took these of Paisley because George did her hair this morning. He did a great job! Soon we will be able to move to french braids!!!!

Paisley loves to squint when we take pictures. Not sure why....maybe I do that behind the camera and she is imitating me?
Last night we went to my grandmothers house to have a family birthday for my Aunt Leslie. My grandmother loves to collect weird dolls. Paisley found this one and absolutley loved it. The thing is bigger than her.

Here is my grandmother hodling two of her great-grandchildren Lyndsey and Paisley. Yes, that is her real hair color, she has never dyed it. She is 77 I believe and fiesty!!! I hope I have great hair color like that when I am 77.

Here is Paisley with her cousin Lyndsey. Lyndsey protects and takes care of her all the time. I love it!

Here is Paisley with my cousin Jennifer. Jennifer watches Paisley while I am at work. She loves her and takes such great care of her. I am not sure what I would do without Jenn. Thank you so much Jenn-I love you!

Here is grandma again with Paisley. In the background is my aunt Leslie , Jim and my grandpa sitting down.

George brought this home yesterday. It is almost brand new and someone gave it to him on the route. We sanitized it and away she went. She loves it, we had to pry her away from it.

Here is Paisley wearing shorts for the first time. She looked so cute I had to take a picture. Bring on the sun, we have more shorts to wear.

Here is Paisley sunbathing on the dining room floor with Angus looking on. Good thing I swept and mopped it that day.

Yes, it has been a long week. Even Paisley is pooped. Here she is vegging with her daddy.

Here is a close up. She loves that blankie.

That is it for now. This weekend we are off to George's moms house for some R&R and for Opening Day of Fishing! George can not contain himself. He is in the garage every night prepping his fishing gear. Until then...

Sunny Sunday????

Ok, so where is this sun we have been hearing about all day. Something makes me think it may not get to 69 degrees today....go figure.

I came home from church about an hour ago and George told me that Paisley asked to take nap. I questioned him about this because Paisley has a very limited vocabulary, she is only 16 months old. He further explained that he asked her if she wanted to take a nap and she shook her head yes and proceeded to walk to her crib by herself. George went in and tucked her in and she floated off to sleep. Wow!

Yesterday she was playing with the phone in our room and I asked her not too. I had to take the phone and put it up high. She went into her room and got the one that I let her pretend with and put it on the charger. Again Wow!

This morning she jumped on her quad (see a few posts ago) and she can now push down the red button that make it go!!!!

Needless to say, my little girl is growing up way to fast.

Easter Basket and Hunt

We were very lucky to spend Easter Day with both George's family and my family. We had Easter brunch at George's moms house, which was wonderful. The Easter bunny found Paisley all the way over to Shelton. She was a happy camper with new toys to play with.

Then we were able to have Easter dinner with my family. We even did an indoor easter egg hunt for the girls. Paisley is still too little, but she loved the eggs.

Don't mind her bare belly, she decided to spill Jeneva's kool-aid all over herself and Grandma Ewing's rug right before the hunt began and I did not bring an extra shirt!!!!

Easter Dress

I don't know why, but I had the hardest time finding Paisley the perfect Easter dress this year. I am still not 100% pleased, but I ran out of time and this is what she got. It is a pink silk dress with a bow and white stripes. It had tons of tulle to make it poof out. It was very pretty on her, but it was missing something to me.

Chick Magnet

At the wedding I told George's brother Kona that he should carry Paisley around because she is a chick magnet. He laughed at me, but a few minutes later I turned around to see him walking her around. Go Kona!!! Ladies, he is still single!!!

Place Family Wedding

Saturday night we had the opportunity of going to a family wedding in Poulsbo. George's cousin Kahaikala was married in a very beautiful ceremony. Below all of the Place women that attended had their photo taken with the groom.

All of the Place men that attended had their photo taken with the groom too. George's grandfather was able to make it over too. He is the sharp looking man in the beige suit.

I'd Trade My Husband for a Housekeeper

I was at the gym after work yesterday and was watching Oprah as I sweated away on the eliptical machine. On the show were two ladies that wrote this book called I'd Trade my Husband for a Housekeeper. It was quite amusing listening to these women tell about their lives after having children. I also found it amazing that many women felt the same way that they did after having one or two children. How did my mom work and take care of five with my dad out on cruise most of his Navy career????

They were all overwhelmed and in need of daily assistance. They had ladies admitting to not bathing their children for weeks as well as themselves. Wow!!! That is so weird to me.

They were not single moms and most were stay at home moms. Needless to say they had stories that would blow your socks off. I believe I even laughed out loud at the gym...they were so funny. If you have a chance to see that episode of Oprah ladies you must watch it.

I do have to admit that I was overwhelmed with the whole nursing thing after having Paisley, but never with Paisley herself. I know that I am lucking to have such an involved and hands on husband. I would not trade my husband for a housekeeper. I would love to have a housekeeper in addition to my husband, but never trade him.

The bottom line was that you need to let it out and admit that you can't do everything. You need to surround yourself with friends that can lift you up and enjoy your sorrow and failures. We are all not perfect moms, but we can do our best and that is what counts. I read somewhere this quote, " at the end of the day if your children are still alive, then you have done your job well". Words to live by.

Dinner Outside Goal

A few Summers ago, George and I had a garage sale to make money to buy a patio set. We thought we would get rid of stuff to buy some more stuff and it would equal itself out. We found this great patio set and we have used it a lot.

George, Paisley and I ate dinner outside last night. George made homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes, sweet white corn and country gravy to boot. I love my husband so much!!! He is such a great cook and enjoys doing it. He takes such great care of us.

We have a goal to eat outside every sunny day this year.

Chalk Butt

Last night was fabulous. I could not wait to get off work and out of the gym to enjoy the sun!!!! We stayed outside until 8 p.m. soaking up the sun. Paisley loved it. We broke out the chalk and began to draw. Paisley decided to clean up the chalk with her butt. Check out those pants!!!

I love this picture below, she is so a super model in the making. Don't let her angelic looks fool you, she can be a monster when she wants to be.

Tweety Bird Scooter

Here is the latest of finds from the garbage route.

George was picking up some things from an oriental store and the man asked him if he had any children. George told him about Paisley and he asked his wife to go get her a scooter, she came out with a boy scooter, so the man sent her back for a girl scooter.

This is what George brought home a free brand new tweety bird scooter.

Paisley is still too little, but she enjoys sitting on it.

Beautiful Sunday

I don't know about you all, but the Place Family enjoyed the sun on Sunday afternoon. We went outside and stayed outside. Paisley decided to help daddy with mommy's scooter which needed the battery charged and also with the lawn mower. She is a good helper.

I love the faces she makes. She is quite the character. Once again she is on the little bike daddy found for her. We push her around and around since no one was here to give her a ride. Yes, even the dogs enjoyed laying in the sun. I hope it sticks around.