Fun Stuff

So, we are just waiting until Pippa makes her the mean goes on.

I was so fed up with regular mops that I went out and bought a steam mop.
Love it!
No chemicals and faster drying time.  It works great.
Well worth the money.

A dear friend made this blanket for Pippa and also another one that Paisley is using.

Another friend made Paisley and Pippa these too cute hats.
Notice...Paisley's hat is her favorite color.

I found these and loved I picked them up for the baby.

Melissa went to a soap making place in Bellingham and made me these.
They smell great and she did such a great job.

Found these baby leg warmers...they are in the hospital bag.

After my Dr.'s appointment I went to the baby consignment store in Anacortes.
I totally scored!!!

These are all brand new almost Gymboree and GAP outfits.  I picked them all up for under $16.00.
Yes, I was pleased with myself for sure.
Not that we need more clothes, but come on...what a deal!

If anyone wants a discount to Janie and Jack..I have a couple.
I am banning them after the last Easter dress episode.
They are not worth the money you pay for their clothing if you ask me.

George went to Seattle to REI with a buddy and they were having a sale on their clothing.
George picked this Columbia jacket up for Paisley and a fleece as well.
I have trained this man well.  He saw a deal and he swooped in on it.
Paisley loves it and it is super warm!

My love!

Being crazy.

Gotta love her!

Baby Update

Went to the Dr. today for my 38 week check up. Two weeks further than with Paisley.

All is good.

Baby is about 7 1/2 pounds and is in position head down.

Dr. Garde said she would be surprised if I made it to my due date.

George is hoping for leap day.

Dr. Garde confirmed that it is 100 percent a girl...George was still holding out hope.

We are very excited to meet her...especially Paisley.

Valentine's, Pinterest & Baby Stuff

The last week or so has been a little hard.  I have been really sick.  Congestion, cold, headaches, tired, etc.
It has been hard to make it to all of my obligations, but I have done it.
I am thankful for a great husband that helps me rest in between all of my activities
and takes care of Paisley and me.

Paisley had a chance to take valentine's treats to school yesterday.  She picked out these lollipops.
I was so excited for her and she brought home a bag of valentine's to show us as well.
She was so excited!

We made the hand print cards off of Pinterest.  Worked out well.

Here is her final product.

I made these valentine's treats for all of my Beehives and delivered them after work yesterday.
I wanted them to know how special they are and how thankful I am that they come to YW's every week.
In all, we had 16 stops to make after work, swimming lessons and then didn't even eat dinner until 7ish.

George sent roses to me at work-So pretty!

We made George strawberry shortcake along with his gift.  It turned out pretty good.

George has a new hobby...he is teaching himself how to play the ukelele.
He is doing pretty good and he serenaded me last night.
Too fun!
This week I picked out 5 recipes off of Pinterest to try.  This was the first..cheesy chicken pot pie muffins.
We loved them!
Last night was pork chops with carmelized onions and apples with garlic mashed potatoes...they were nothing special.
Tonight is crock pot chicken taco soup.

The final baby stuff came in...this is my new around the house diaper organizer tote.
Love the paisley print!

Burp cloths that I picked up off of Etsy.  Too cute!

I finally washed and santized the car seat and it is ready to go.
My bags are about 90% packed and we are just waiting now.

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!
It was not our normal romantic one due to swimming and a couple other obligations, but it was a nice family night.
It made it even more special that we were able to brighten so many lives with Valentine's treats.
Paisley loves to give and I hope that continues on.

Pinewood Derby

The pinewood derby races were Saturday.
Paisley and George made two cars.  One for Paisley and one for Me!

Here they are sanding away.

Here is Paisley's car ready to race.

She was so excited and had so much fun.
She did pretty good too.

These were the kids in her division.

I took 2nd place in the Women's division and also received an award for the best prototype for a real car.

George had fun making the cars and will be entering one in the unlimited next year.

We just did not have enough time this year.

Fun times!

Babyshower Fun!!!

Last night Crystal and Linda hosted a fabulous babyshower for Pippa and myself. 
We are so ready now...check out all the diapers and wipes!

Linda made these to die for cupcakes in chocolate mint, strawberry and chocolate.
I took a couple home for George and Paisley.
Fabulous job Linda!

Lots of fun goodies to put on the baby.

Now I am going to brag about my favorite things.
Stacie made these adorable bibs. 
Love them!

Two pedicures to lift my spirits!
Linda...we are so going to the Anacortes one together.

Linda made these burp cloths and they are too cute!

Crystal and Sarah gifted us the mermaid outfit I have been wanting!!!
Love it!

Crystal decorated with gorgeous pom pom decor-I did not take pictures...I can't believe it.
Imagine these in pink and browns.
Tons of friends and fun and no pictures!

And of course, Paisley was not forgotten.  She had some new bling for her hair.

Thank you all for everything!
We are so loved.

Just getting together with friends is the best and to see ones that I have not seen for awhile was wonderful!

Great group of gals!

Way to go Paisley!!!

I have to brag as a proud mommy.

Paisley passed her swim level last night and has advanced to Starfish. 
It is so funny that it took 7 times on the first level and now one time on each level since.

She is doing fabulous!

Onward and upward...
by the time we go to Hawaii next February/March she will be swimming with the fish.