Baby David Is Finally Here

Congratulations goes out to my cousin Jennifer.

Baby David Eugene Scheer entered the world yesterday at 1:30ish p.m.

Mom and baby are doing great! Can't wait to see him.

Pictures still to come.

Green Frosting + Paisley = Mess

This weekend my older sister turned 35. She had a big BBQ for her birthday and also some yummy cupcakes. Here is Paisley eating one and getting really messy. Needless to say...she took a bath after this one. My favorite it the last one.

George's Birthday Weekend

This weekend George turned 34!!! He decided he wanted to go to the cabin for the weekend to celebrate. So here we are in the ferry line with the boat.

Paisley on the ferry with her dominoes and coloring books.

Here she is picking on the birthday boy.

Once we got there we had to find a place to launch the boat. George found a place that would let us do it for FREE! It was so easy and right near the ferry docks.
Off he goes to meet us at the cabin.

Lovely Paisley at the cabin.

Daddy and Paisley walking on the dock.

She is helping daddy in the boat.

The cabin.

On the mopeds.

Getting ready to take a ride with daddy on the moped.

Having her morning cup of hot chocolate.

We found a park that she could play at...she loved it.

Really a nice playset. She loved the climbing wall.
Saturday we picked up Uncle Kona, Melissa, Tallie, Tony and Joshua at the ferry. They came over for the day to celebrate George's birthday.
Here we are at the Farmers Market.

Tallie with her delicious pizza. We picked up lots of fresh things for dinner. Bread, salad, garlic chives, etc.

For George's birthday dinner we bbq'd T-bone steaks, had baked potatoes, salad and fresh bread from the market.
I made him a turtle cake for his birthday cake. It was delicious!!!
Here is the birthday boy making a funny face for the camera while he ate his birthday cake.

Paisley enjoying her piece.

We are really locals now. Paisley and I attended the Teddy Bear picnic put on by the local theatre. They had face painting.

They did a story hour with songs and all.

They fed the kids lunch, had crafts, cookie decorationg, coloring and all for FREE for the children.

And to top it off each child was given a teddy bear and a book to take home. Here is Paisley's teddy bear.

We went downtown to the toy store and found my new salvation. Stamps!!! We picked up 3 stamp sets and they kept her busy for hours!!!!

While we were up at the cabin...George put the new flooring down in the kitchen. He did a great job!

Last sunset until we return home. We had a great relaxing weekend.

That is the end of George's birthday weekend. Happy Birthday George!!! We love you.

Big Yellow Bus

This morning I dropped Paisley off at my moms house. She is watching her today and tomorrow while we are at work.

As I was leaving I saw 6 kids including Kyanne racing down the street to the big yellow bus.

It brought me back to my days of school and how my 2 sisters and I always missed the bus for one reason or another. My mom would stand by the big bay window and keep a look out and yell-THE BUS IS HERE...and probably RUN!!!!

Anyways, it brought a big smile to my face to see these kids running for the bus. One girl in particular was texting while she ran for the bus.

Great way to start the day!!!

Paisley's 1st Mariners Game

This weekend we took Paisley to her first Mariners game. She did great. She ate peanuts and garlic fries and cotton candy and chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels. She was a full girl.

We were in the nose bleed section right behind home plate. Great view of the entire field...just really high up.

Paisley is watching the Mariner Moose here. She was mesmerized.

We took Kyanne and Jeneva with us too. They had a ball.

Aferwards we went to Uwajimaya's so George could stock up on his Hawaiian and Oriental cuisine. Then dinner in the Asian Market. And of course we stopped off at Cold Stone Creamery for dessert.
We were all hurting by the end of the day with all the food and fun.

Monster Sandwiches and More

Again, these are not in order. Saturday Paisley had a friend come over all day to play with her. Kyanne babysits Donavon every Saturday and since they are staying with us this weekend...he came over too. They are having so much fun running around and playing with toys. Surprisingly Paisley is sharing her toys. George even shared his too.

Last night I hosted a SimplyFun Party. Crystal was the consultant...she did a great job. We had so much fun laughing and trying out games. There were about 20 of us there. Made for a fun night.

George and I earned about 10 new games to play when we have friends over and for the cabin.

Many thanks to all of our friends that came. We so appreciate you all!

I made Hawaiian Dream Cake for dessert.

A couple of weeks ago in nursery Paisley put together a little plant. She has been watering it and giving it love. She is so proud.

My dear friend Tallie bought Paisley her 2nd pair of clogs at the Holland Happening Festival. We were on the lake, so Tallie hooked her up. She has been stomping around ever since they came home. We love you Tallie!!!!

George asked the girls to bring over some new recipe ideas for dinner. Here is what they brought. We had Monster Sandwiches one night. Check them out.

To much fun. Hope you all are doing great. Until next time...