Monster Sandwiches and More

Again, these are not in order. Saturday Paisley had a friend come over all day to play with her. Kyanne babysits Donavon every Saturday and since they are staying with us this weekend...he came over too. They are having so much fun running around and playing with toys. Surprisingly Paisley is sharing her toys. George even shared his too.

Last night I hosted a SimplyFun Party. Crystal was the consultant...she did a great job. We had so much fun laughing and trying out games. There were about 20 of us there. Made for a fun night.

George and I earned about 10 new games to play when we have friends over and for the cabin.

Many thanks to all of our friends that came. We so appreciate you all!

I made Hawaiian Dream Cake for dessert.

A couple of weeks ago in nursery Paisley put together a little plant. She has been watering it and giving it love. She is so proud.

My dear friend Tallie bought Paisley her 2nd pair of clogs at the Holland Happening Festival. We were on the lake, so Tallie hooked her up. She has been stomping around ever since they came home. We love you Tallie!!!!

George asked the girls to bring over some new recipe ideas for dinner. Here is what they brought. We had Monster Sandwiches one night. Check them out.

To much fun. Hope you all are doing great. Until next time...


  1. We had a great time. Thanks for hosting the party!

  2. Hey, whats the Recipe for the Hawaiian Dream Cake? It look delicious!