Paisley at 4 years old & as a 1 year old

I thought it would be fun to post this.
Here is Paisley at 4 years old.

And here she is as a 1 year old.

They grow too fast!!!

Ft. Nugent Park and Sun

We took the opportunity to go to the park with the beautiful weather we had yesterday.
I left the baby with George and off we went.
Jeneva tagged along and had fun too.
She is a big help with Paisley and plays great with her.
She acts like Paisley's big sister.

They had fun and I soaked up some sun.
It was great to get outside.

June's Birthday Party

Saturday Paisley had another birthday party to go too.
She loved it and still talks about it daily.

She was so excited for June to blow out her candles.

It was also a family BBQ, we had a great time meeting new people and seeing some that we haven't seen for awhile. 

Update on Pippa

We took Pippa to her 7 week check up yesterday and she is growing way too fast!
She is almost 12lbs and she is 59.5 cm which is the 94 percentile.
So, she is not chunky, she is tall!!!

We took out Paisley's stats and look how they compared when they were both 7 weeks.

Paisley weight 10# 9oz
Pippa 11# 5oz

Paisley height 22 inches
Pippa 24 inches

Pippa is very demanding, but still a really sweet baby.
Paisley was not very demanding until she turned like 2 and was the sweetest baby in the world.

I can't wait to see how Pippa's personality compares to Paisley's.

Easter 2012

We had a really lovely Easter and we hope you did too.
We dyed our eggs Friday night.  Jeneva and Kyanne came over to help.

Saturday morning we headed over to the Fowler's home for their annual Easter Egg Hunt.
Paisley had a blast. 

Usually I would put her in her Easter dress for a photo op, but we went low key with just a skirt this year.

Here is George reminding her to go easy and let others have eggs too.
Here she is with her good friend Valerie.  They are visiting since the hunt was over.

Later that day Paisley had a birthday party to go too.
She was sooooo excited.

Yes, outfit change number 2 for the day.  She had to wear her green skirt and shiny silver shoes to the party.
Sunday-Easter she is in her new Easter dress.
She decided to bring her backpack full of quiet things to do in Sacrament.
She is a cutie!

I am a little crazy...I admit it...George will confirm.  I hunted all over town for this cake.

I really wanted to get a bunny cake for Paisley for a surprise.
This was the only one left.  It is kinda scary looking if you ask me, but she loved it.
We had it for Easter dessert with the family, along with Bunny Track ice cream.
I found this totally too cute outfit for Pippa's first Easter.
It was soooo cute...she was not happy because she was a little hungry.
Story of my life these days.
Anyways, it was my favorite color yellow, had polka dots and a easter bunny on the butt and a bunny hat.
Pippa came to the Easter hunt too, but she won't be ready to hunt until next year.

This year I decided to do less candy and more items that she would really use.
So, here are a couple of the things we put in her basket.
The Disney Store was having a sale on their t-shirts and night gowns, so I picked her up 2 of each.
In addition, she needed a new pair of I found these Disney ones and in the basket they went.
We also put in a traditional easter bunny candy and a few other little candies.
She loved her basket!

I am so thankful for my Savior and his sacrifice.  Sacrament meeting at church was really nice and definitley made me think of all my many blessings and for the atonement.  Something to remember daily and not just on Easter. 

Hope you all had a great Easter!

Water Leak Adventure

This adventure began two months ago...on the day we came home from the hospital.
We had a notice on the door that we had a potential water leak.
Our bill came and sure enough it was about $40 higher than normal.

We did not have a chance to think about it and the notice was put aside. 
Our next bill came and it was $50 higher than normal.

This put us into action.

We traced the water leak under the driveway.  Not what we wanted for sure.

Saturday we were in action.  Keith came over early and George rented a jack hammer and work began.

Yes, that WAS my nice driveway.  We decided to abandon the aging line and run a completely new one.
Kona and my brother Michael came over to help dig.

Work began about 10 am and they were finished by 2ish.  Even Paisley helped out with her mini shovel.

We decided to put the pipe in a sleeve for added protection and because we will be pouring a new driveway over it.  In case this happens again, all we have to do is pull a new line through the sleeve and not have to worry about removing the driveway.

I have to give a huge THANKS out to Rich Tyhuis...all week he helped us trace and fix errors we were having.  We were even on a hose for 2 days because the shut off valve broke off to the house in the off position.  Not fun!  Water tasted nasty.  Needless to say we drank water bottles those two days.

Another THANKS goes out to Keith for all his help and great ideas.

Lastly, a huge THANKS to Kona and Michael...I am sure that is not what they wanted to do on their Saturday.

Now we just wait for the inspection on Monday and we can back fill the ditch.

We won't pour concrete until the weather gets better.

George is now motivated to pour a second driveway for the boat and dune buggy too.

Me oh My!

Our water leak adventure.

Paisley & Pippa

Paisley is such a good big sister. 

This is Paisley's first time changing Pippa's diaper all by herself.  Mom was supervising of course.

She did a fabulous job.
Don't look at the mess behind them.
My house is not as tidy as it normally is.