Water Leak Adventure

This adventure began two months ago...on the day we came home from the hospital.
We had a notice on the door that we had a potential water leak.
Our bill came and sure enough it was about $40 higher than normal.

We did not have a chance to think about it and the notice was put aside. 
Our next bill came and it was $50 higher than normal.

This put us into action.

We traced the water leak under the driveway.  Not what we wanted for sure.

Saturday we were in action.  Keith came over early and George rented a jack hammer and work began.

Yes, that WAS my nice driveway.  We decided to abandon the aging line and run a completely new one.
Kona and my brother Michael came over to help dig.

Work began about 10 am and they were finished by 2ish.  Even Paisley helped out with her mini shovel.

We decided to put the pipe in a sleeve for added protection and because we will be pouring a new driveway over it.  In case this happens again, all we have to do is pull a new line through the sleeve and not have to worry about removing the driveway.

I have to give a huge THANKS out to Rich Tyhuis...all week he helped us trace and fix errors we were having.  We were even on a hose for 2 days because the shut off valve broke off to the house in the off position.  Not fun!  Water tasted nasty.  Needless to say we drank water bottles those two days.

Another THANKS goes out to Keith for all his help and great ideas.

Lastly, a huge THANKS to Kona and Michael...I am sure that is not what they wanted to do on their Saturday.

Now we just wait for the inspection on Monday and we can back fill the ditch.

We won't pour concrete until the weather gets better.

George is now motivated to pour a second driveway for the boat and dune buggy too.

Me oh My!

Our water leak adventure.


  1. I am in the dog house because I forgot to tell Eric you were having a problem with your water leak. I'm glad though that you had help.

  2. He made me promise to call next time. :)