Well, I have hit my storage limit for pictures...until further notice...I will not be posting in my blog.  I am working on creating a new one.  I'll keep you posted.

Disney on Ice 2012

Now, if this face doesn't tell you all how much fun we had...I don't know what will.

Each year we begin our holiday season by going to Disney on Ice.
This year was fabulous.  It was Disney Princesses....called Dare to Dream.

We brought along our two dear friends Linda and Elizabeth!
So glad we could share the magic with them.

She loves life!

The stories were from Princess and the Frog, Tangled and Cinderella!

We had a great time...let the holidays begin!

Wow...it has been over a month since my last post..

I have been really bad about blogging, but with the holiday season here...I must get back to work...
The month started out with my 36th birthday.  I had a fabulous birthday.  Friends took me out to lunch, dinner, family spoiled me with gifts.  I am one lucky lady.  Melissa gave me this much needed apron.  Love it!

Amanda gave me this for my birthday as well.  She took Pippa's feet and turned it into an adorable plate for Halloween.

We carved pumpkins that we picked out of my cousins pumpkin patch.

Paisley hard at work...of course she chose a huge pumpkin!

Miss bossy boss.

Pippa is sitting in her high chair eating now.  She loves food!

She is also crawling and pulling herself up to stand everywhere!
We finally made it to Toppins and they had these fun mustaches for the kids.

Too fun!

Last soccer game was yesterday.  I am so glad!  Back to swimming we go.
Many other things happened, but no time to chat now...my class started this week and I am suppose to be working on homework.

Camping Weekend

As many of you know...I HATE camping.  I don't like to sleep in the cold, have everything dirty, bug bites suck, etc.
Our work put together a family campout. 
I wanted to be a good wife, so I agreed that we needed to go.
It was not bad due to the company, but I really don't like camping.
In addition, there were only two families in tents, the rest were in RV's, which is not REAL camping.
We were one of the two.
Here is our site.

Paisley helping daddy.

We broke out the old playpen and boy was it dirty.
Perfect for camping I guess.
Pippa played in there.

Last week Pippa started having trouble with her right eye not opening up as large as the other.
I have made an appointment to see what is up.
The pictures definitely shows the difference.

I loved this picture, so I posted it.

Paisley, Pippa and I spent time in the Tahoe, in the warmth.
I turned on the heat and we drank our hot chocolate.

Our two favorite people showed up.  Doug and Mary.
Here is Paisley hanging out with Doug eating her smores.

I had to include this...they let their dog sit in a chair. 

Games were played...here is Paisley playing Bocce ball with Tim and the girls.

If this doesn't tell you what great people were there, then I don't know what will.
We had great campfires.  We even had a guitar player and that really made the night.
Paisley called him the "singing boy".
She danced and jived with him.

I am glad we went camping, but I am really glad it is over.
I still have at least 4 more loads of stuff to wash and clean.

We went to Rasar Park and I have to say, that is a nice place to be.
The bathrooms were clean and they had showers!

That's all folks!

Soccer Season Has Begun...

Well, soccer season has begun.  We had our first game last Saturday and let's just say things did not go too smoothly for Paisley.  She just doesn't understand the concept of team sports yet.  We had a melt down or two or three.  :)

A friend took these pictures for me...my camera ran out of batteries!

She is quite the character.  Let's see how week 2 goes.

First Day of School for Paisley

Well, Paisley is not old enough to begin Kindergarten yet, but she does attend preschool.
Her first day of her new preschool year begins today.
She decided to get fancied up.

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great Labor Day weekend.
We headed to Grandma and Papa Nick's home for some fun in the sun.
Here is Paisley swimming...she had the opportunity to stay with Grandma and Papa all week.
She went swimming every day.

Family joined us on Saturday.
George took care of the little ones in the water.

This is my favorite picture.
I love how happy she is.

She is hanging onto everything..she really wants to be mobile.

She is sitting up really well.

Here we are sitting in the sun, enjoying the day while Paisley is swimming.

The boys fished and Paisley swam.

George is such a great daddy. 
He went in the water and played with Paisley.
It totally made her day.

I remember my dad doing this to all of us.
Brings back great memories.

Hope you all had a great Labor Day too.

Our Crazy Weekend

This was a crazy weekend for us.
Lots of things to do and great weather.
We had a block party at Dr. Dawn's house.
Tons of food and neighbors.
It was really nice, especially because the Ray's came too.
It was so nice just sitting in the sun talking to Holly and Scott.
We don't ever get to just do that.

Saturday I particpated in the Challenge Series.
It is where disabled children race down Barrington in cars.
The weather was great-even have a little sunburn on my cheeks!
It is such a great feeling to SERVE!

Paisley went to a Princess and Pirates birthday party.
I can't believe her Halloween costume still fits.
They were asked to come dressed as a princess or a pirate.
Fun times!
I am glad I took this picture...I am missing my Paisley this AM.
She is having a blast I am sure at Grandma and Papa Nick's home for the week.
We will join her Saturday and I can't wait to kiss those cheeks!

More Challenge Series...they actually hit the hay bales this year.

This is what the course looks like after we set it up for the event!
Not bad if I do say so myself.

Up to...

We have had a pretty busy week last week.

We went to the dentist.

George's mom came to stay with us a few days and helped us by watching Pippa while Amanda was at a family reunion.

We went to the Farmer's Market.

I attended a going away happy hour for Karen at work.  It was at Tallie's house Friday night.
Tons of fun and great weather for an outdoor gathering.

Saturday we packed up early early and headed to the cabin.
Melissa and Kona were already there.

We had fabulous weather.
I even had time to sit in the sun on the dock with Melissa.
Both Paisley and the Pippa took long naps.
It felt so good.

Here we are on the dock.

Here is Melissa on the dock.

We drove to the lavendar fields.

We went whale watching at Lime Kiln.

All in all a great hot weekend.
Melissa and I came back Sunday with the girls.
The boys are still up there fishing and crabbing.

Hope you had a great weekend too.