Two New Finds

So, I found a couple of new items at Safeway last night. I wasn't looking for them, but they popped out at me.

First, chocolate gold fish. Paisley loved them.

Second, chocolate granola cereal with cranberries-Safeway Eating Right Brand. I did not like it at all!!! In fact, grossed me out.

So, if anyone wants to try it, they are welcome to an almost brand new box of cereal. If not, it is doomed for the rubbish bin.

Sunglass Day

Paisley decided that she and daddy needed to wear sunglasses this weekend. So here they are. George looks so good!!!

Big Girl Chair

Paisley has been upgraded to a big girl chair this week-no more high chair for her. She is growing up too fast!

Daddy Did My Hair

So, the hour before church on Sunday morning I received many, many, many phone calls about one thing or another. In the process, I volunteered to do singing time. I had a blast by the way doing that....anyways....George knew I was a little busy, so he put Paisley's dress on and did her hair. Check him out...he is a pro!!!! She looked so cute!!!

Friday Harbor-George's 33rd Birthday

George turned 33 last Friday. For his birthday he wanted to go to the family cabin on Friday Harbor for some R&R, some fishing and some celebrating. We left Thursday night and stayed until Monday afternoon. It was a great weekend away, but it is always so funny how nice it is to be at home again.

Here we are the first night. Paisley is having her dinner.

She is so beautiful in the sunlight...she is beautiful anyways though!!!

Here is a picture of the cabin.
Here is a picture of Caesar, Steve and Lisa Bebee's dog. Paisley loved chasing him around. He was her best friend this trip.

Here she is picking on him in his crate.

For George's birthday we did birthday smores.

These are some good looking smores...I made these golden brown marshmellows, George likes to burn his.

Paisley enjoyed them too and sat very safely by the fire.

Our good friends Steve and Lisa Bebee and Tim and Sandra Shelley came out to celebrate George's birthday. They stayed a couple of nights and had a blast. Here they are on the dock enjoying the day.

Daddy and Paisley walking on the dock. She did really good staying close to us. No one fell in the water...good thing.

On Saturday we took the whole gang to the Ale House Restaurant for dinner and then Steve and Lisa treated us all to ice cream!!! Paisley loved it too!!!

We took the boat up so George could do some fishing. This is what he caught.

The sunsets are the best out there. Just peace and relaxation. Here are the sunsets from the nights we stayed.

On Sunday, Paisley and I layed out on the dock and caught some rays. It was so nice.

Now back to civilization and the daily grind. Until next time...

Spring has Sprung

I have to start out by saying I don't have a green thumb and I do not like to garden. Never did. George on the other hand has a green thumb and loves to garden. I took a few pictures below of some things that are growing around our house.

Yes, I bought a topsy turvy because I thougt it was a cool idea. We'll see how the tomatoes do. I bought my mom one too. My nieces and my mom love to grow tomatoes together, so now they can add this to the other ones they have already begun.

George is growing a lot of new things this year. Snap peas, artichokes, herbs, etc. Here is the first of his gardens.

I have a few tulips growing, but I really would like more. Maybe next year.

In our back yard we have a huge cherry tree that produces tons of fabulous and tasty cherries. It is in blossom right now. We also have apple trees and lavender in our back yard too.
I am glad Spring is here, everything looks so much better!

Big Helper

George was preparing the boat for fishing the next day, so Paisley and I decided to help him out. Paisley loves the boat and loves to help.

George went out to Cornet Bay on Saturday to do some fishing. I got a call that he has forgot his fishing license, so Paisley and I drove out there to bring it to him.

I can not even remember the last time that I was out there, but I must say it was beautiful. Tons of sail boats were out and of course, many fishing boats. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and I am glad that George forgot his license so that I could experience it too.

Paisley's First Trim

Well, I have to say like mother like daughter. Paisley's bangs were getting so ragged that I finally took the scissors to them. You can't even tell except that her bangs are not as ragged to me anymore.

My bangs grow so fast, that I trim them myself every two weeks. I am a no fuss kind of gal and even though I enjoy going to get my hair done, I don't do it, but every 3-4 months.

I am also not a short hair gal, so I have decided that I am going to see how long I can grow my hair out again. I really like pony tails and I can't wait to braid Paisley's hair.

Growing up my two sisters and I all had long brown hair down to our butts. Maybe I can do it again. We'll see!

Mom's Day

I absolutley love flowers. George and Paisley both sent flowers to my office on Thursday and Friday for Mothers Day. They were so beautiful and they smelled really good.

In addition George cooked dinner for my sister, my mom and me.

I have to also say that I noticed this year how many men said Happy Mothers Day to me. Even young men around 14. It really made my day.

Thank you for a great Mothers Day George!!!

Crocs Sale

Last Friday night was girls night out and a good friend of mine told me about a Crocs Sale for the month of May. If you buy two or more pairs of Mary Jane Crocs (the ballet looking ones are covered too) you get them at half price. That is like $10-12.00 a pair give or take.

I went online this morning and picked up 4 pairs! It is a Mother's Day Special that is running the entire month. They even have them for little girls too.

Thought you all might want to know. They are perfect for the summer, for outside, for the beach, etc.

Check them out on-line at

Thanks Sarah Weibling!!!!

Twilight Saga Update

Ok, so I finished the series today. All I can say is WOW. I enjoyed it a lot. I have heard a few comments about the last book being weird and not a favorite, but I have to disagree. I loved them all!

I have to say again this was a great read. I must take a break from it for now....I have been so consumed that I have to catch up on other things.