Snow and Swimming

We love the snow.  Paisley and daddy went outside each night after work and played.

She loves her picture taken.

At swim lessons they did life jacket intro.  I am so glad since we are often on a boat with her at the cabin. 

They told them to cross their arms, look up and jump in. 

They played ring around the rosy in the water.  They loved it!

I am so glad she is having this opportunity-swimming is an essensial tool in life.

Four Day Weekend!

I took Friday off to have a four day weekend.  It was grand.  Paisley and I headed to Burlington for a little shopping.  The trip was made easier with these new dvd players in the Tahoe.  Paisley loved them.  We have one on each chair.

I picked up my two new pairs of glasses.

Friday night we went to the Bebee's house for a bon fire, pizza dinner and to play some Farkel.  We had a blast.

Saturday I went to the gym, worked long hours on my term paper and then went to dinner at Kindle's house in honor of a dear friends retirement from the County.  It was such a great party.

Sunday we went to church and rested.

Monday George worked the holiday shift, so Paisley and I did some early Spring cleaning.  We went through tubs of clothing and went to town cleaning.

I did not work on my crochet...go figure.

Here is silly Paisley pretending to be a baby.

I bought this headband from Etsy.  It is really cute.  My goal is to crochet one myself by the end of the year.

This is for you Papa Nick.  She is playing with her kitty.

Check out those sun rays.


Still sucking on her ring pop.
We had friends over for a play date.  They were even able to go outside since it wasn't freezing.

George came home and rested.

Then he made a new recipe for dinner.  Cashew chicken over rice with veggies.  It was really good.

That was our four day weekend.

Valentine's Day

At work our wellness committee handed out dove dark chocolate bars for Valentine's Day. 
They were for heart health too.

George sent me flowers at work.  They are still fresh and blooming today. 

Kyanne watched Paisley and Jeneva for us so we could go to Frasiers for a fabulous dinner. 

George gave me more Pride and Prejudice sequels...which I have been wanting.

It was a great Valentine's Day!

We brought home sundae makings for a fun Valentine's Day dessert.  Here is Jeneva enjoying her bannana split.


Fun Weekend

Friday I took off at lunch to go to the temple with Linda.  I was definitely spiritually uplifted.

Then we decided to go to dinner and some shopping in Bellevue.

Paisley is getting so tall that her shirts are too short.  I was able to pick up a bunch of shirts and leggings for her.

This one is my favorite.

Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  Yum.  We even took cheesecake home for George and Eric. 
Thanks again Linda-it was a grand day.

Saturday morning George decided to make waffles.  Here they are. 

I know...a little intense.  Paisley caught me off guard while I was doing my hair.  Saturday was another church day.  Jennifer picked me up and off we went to Burlington for a leadership meeting.  We met up with Sarah and Gena for lunch/dinner right before.  Fun times.

This morning we exchanged our Valentine's Day gifts. 
Paisley has a nice new doll to play with.  She was so excited.

Hope the rest of the day goes well.  Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

More Swim Pictures

Paisley is doing really well and loves her teacher.

Here they have to walk to the kiddie pool like penguins.

Here is our sweetheart.  She is waiting so nicely for her lesson to begin.

Just chillin.

Here is another teacher.  She gave him lots of sassiness.

No Pictures-Just words

I don't really have any pictures this week.  It was a long week and a little stressful.  It was full of firsts.

Tuesday-Paisley had her first real dentist appointment.  She did so good and even let them polish her teeth.  They said they never had a better patient and couldn't believe she was only 3.  I wish I could have seen it.  I was in the next room getting my teeth cleaned.  George was with Paisley and said he had to do a double take...he couldn't believe she was that good either.

After the dentist I went to get my two new pairs of glasses since I was eligible.  After a slight complication I was able to pick out my two new pairs.

Then I went to the library for the first time in 15 years.  I had to renew my library card and everything.  It was a new experience for sure.

Then we went to Paisley's first swimming lesson.  As you saw in the last post she had a ball.  I was a nervous wreck.  I have a little phobia about water and I am not the best of swimmers.  My heart raced through the whole 30 minute class. 

Wednesday was YW's and they played dodgeball.  Pretty fun.

Thursday was swimming again.  I was a little more relaxed. 

Friday I finished studying for my mid term and the anxiety was high, but I am so glad I have such a great hubby that supports me and helps me out.  I think he enjoyed quizzing me.

Saturday was my mid term.  The unknown was stressful, but all in all it was fun.  I ended up getting a 100% on the exam.  Then we went shopping in Burlington and had a gret lunch at a little hole in the wall place.  Then we came home and later went to Melissa's for dinner.  Kona made lasagna.  It was super yummy.

Sunday was Sunday and a struggle with Paisley as usual.  I have to say I really love my mom.  She is so patient....something I am not.

This week we also went back to planning out our meals.  This always works for us for many reasons.  We end up shopping only once a week and that saves us money and time and waste.  We don't have to worry about what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we don't have to fight crowds after work at the grocery store.  It just makes life easier.      

I look forward to this week being more quiet.  I also look forward to learning how to crochet on Wed night at YW's and then going to the temple this Friday followed by shopping and dinner with a dear friend. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Swim Lessons

Paisley had her first swim lesson Tuesday night.

She looks so scared, but really she loves the water.  They were practicing being star fish in the water.

Learning to kick in the water.

Pretending to drive in the water.

With her class in the kiddie pool.

Our baby is such a big girl.

Check out the video they are "scooping ice cream."
Also, check out how she told the life guard "no".