Car Wash A Success!!!

Even though it was pouring down rain we had a successful car wash for Sydney Boyer. People still came to get their cars washed and were so generous in donating. We raised over $2,200.00 in 5 hours. All the proceeds go directly to the family.

I am always amazed at how much service makes your heart so full and how much generousity there really is in this world. Even though many did not know Sydney, that did not stop them from donating.

Thanks to all those that stopped by, thanks to my family for coming out and supporting me and thanks to all my co-workers for giving up a part of their Saturday to help make this car wash a success.

Car Wash Fundraiser for Sydney Boyer

A bunch of us at work are putting on a car wash fundraiser to help support Sydney and her family during this difficult time.

If you saw an earlier blog, Sydney has a very fierce bone cancer. She is at Children's and the Ronald McDonald house for 30 weeks. She is going under tons of treatment and two upcoming surgeries. She is a sweet little girl. I encourage you to read her site at .

I encourage you to come out and get your car washed...the details are below.
Date: March 28, 2009
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Place: City of Oak Harbor Fire Station 855 E. Whidbey Avenue
Any and all donations greatly appreciated and accepted.

My Fabulous Mother-In-Law

My cousin Jennifer watches Paisley for me so I can work. Jennifer went on her honeymoon to Mexico last week, so we asked my mother-in-law (Claudette) to come stay with us and help us out and of course, she did not hesitate in saying YES!!!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Claudette for staying with us and for watching Paisley all last week. I can not thank you enough and express my love for you. I am very lucky to have such a great mother-in-law.

You are the Best!

Air Popped Popcorn

There is no better popcorn than freshly air popped popcorn. That is the only way we make it. Our air popper is old, but it works great. Paisley has a new found love for popcorn. We were watching a very good movie Friday night and needed some popcorn to make it even better. So, Paisley decided to help out in the kitchen. She is a great helper!

Blogger In The Making

Paisley loves our lap top. She loves slamming the keys down as if she were typing. Good thing it was turned off!

Saturday Morning Excitement

Saturday morning George was headed down to the grocery store about 6 a.m. to grab a couple things for breakfast. He went out to jump in the truck and this is what he found.

I called the Police to get a report filed so I could get it fixed and paid for by our insurance company. I then proceeded to put on some warmer clothes on in order to greet the officer out in the pouring rain-there was no time to worry about my hair. Officer Hoagland pulled up and said good morning Sandra as he got out of his patrol car-I in turn said good morning Jim.

Officer Hoagland opened the truck and found a rock no bigger than the size of a quarter on my floor board across the cab. He thinks that was the culprit. I asked him if there were others that night and he said no others.

There is good news to this story. First, it is nice to work for the City and know all of the officers. It makes it easier to talk to them and Hoagland is one of my favorites. Second, the BMW and my mother-in-law's brand new Toyota Prius were not harmed. Third and finally, we are fully covered with no deductible on the truck, so we are good to go.

Diana Foy

My little sister moved to Spain last year with her husband and son Anthony. Josh is in the Navy and receieved orders for Rhoda Spain.

Check out her blog by clicking here .

I am sure she doesn't mind me sharing-at least I hope not. She is experiencing some great sites and a fun culture. I am so glad they chose orders over seas.

We plan on visiting in 2011!!! We can't wait!

Big Purple Ball

Since Paisley has been sick for days now, I decided to go get her some toys to cheer her up. She is feeling better this morning as you can see playing with her new big purple ball. The thing is as big as her. She loves to bounce it and roll it. I am so glad she is feeling better. It is so miserable when you can't do anything for them.

Sicky Baby

Poor Paisley has been sick since last Thursday. She has been miserable with a fever, running nose, cough, no eating, no drinking, you name it, she has it. We took her in Monday to get checked out and found out she had an ear infection to boot. The poor girl is a mess. She is like her father when he is she is on her recliner resting.

Splish Splash

My mom bought these talking, dancing ducks for the grandchildren awhile ago. Paisley really enjoys dancing with it-she enjoys dancing to music period.

Last night after dinner, Ryanne and Paisley entertained us by dancing to Splish Splash...that is what the duck plays.

Check out Ryanne, that girl can dance...I believe I even caught some head banging in there. Too funny!

Ryanne and Paisley

For months we have been trying to get together with a dear high school friend. She only lives just past Coupeville, but with busy lives we don't seem to meet up as often as we would like. So, we made plans a month ago to have them over for dinner. They came over last night and we dined on some delicious hens that George prepared and I made a heavenly Hawaiian Dream Cake for dessert. It was so light and so good.

I just had to take some pictures of Ryanne and Paisley playing in her room. Paisley loves it when other kids come over. Ryanne is a bit of a ham too when it comes to the camera. They played and played.

It is really nice to keep in touch with friends from High School. It is also nice to live in the place you grew up. There is something comforting in that. Have a great day!

Paisley's New Hog

The other day George had an impulse he says. I think this was well thought out. He claims it was by the cash registers...yeah right...because that is where they keep the oversized items like these. Anyways, Paisley loves it and I am just glad it was a girl quad and not a boy quad. Her little thumb is not strong enough yet to push the button to go, so we do it for her. Check her out-