Place Baby #2 On The Way...

Paisley is so excited to be a big sister. 
She said she would even give the baby her favorite blanket. 
Now that is saying something because she freaks out when it gets washed!

We are very excited for our new and final addition.  My theory is to not let them out number you.

We wanted to wait until we were in the 2nd trimester to make our announcement to the world...
of course, family and close friends knew, but now that I can't button most of my pants it is time.

This one has been really difficult so far.

With Paisley I had no symptoms at all, this little angel is kicking my butt.

I am not on my A game and I really dislike that.

Having said that...the last week has been better.

I will be working up to the point my water breaks and doing my college classes as well.

Wish me luck...I may need it.

Family Home Evening

Last night for Family Home Evening we went to Rocky Point for some beach fun.

We played in the sand.

We skipped rocks on the water.

We took pictures.

George went fishing for salmon.

We rolled around so that we could bring home tons of sand to mess up the floor.

George caught a salmon...he was so happy!

We buried ourselves in the sand.

More fishing with Paisley supervising.

Finally, she decided she was going swimming in the ocean and then had second thoughts when we felt the cold cold she played in the sand some more.

We had a great Family Home Evening!

Family Disneyland Adventure

Some of my family went to Disneyland last week.
Mom wanted us to go, but we just had our trip to Spain and really wanted to take Paisley for her 5th birthday for the first we opted out.

They had a blast and even stayed at the Paradis Pier Disneyland Hotel!!!
How fun is that.

My mom, brother, his girlfriend and two nieces ended up going.

Isn't she cute!

Matching t-shirts???

My brother Michael...he is a really funny outgoing guy when he wants to be.

Glad they had fun...glad they are back.

No Pictures-Again

This time I have a really good excuse why I don't have pictures.  My mom and nieces went to Disneyland without us...I know...feel sorry for us...and I let mom borrow our camera.

First of all I have to give a shout out to Kona-he watched Paisley Tues-Thurs for us last week. 
Paisley loved hanging out with her Uncle Koni.

Friday, I took the day off to spend with Paisley.  We were going to head to Burlington to see a movie, but there was nothing of interest for her so instead we went to Paint Your World and did a little damage there.
We had a ton of fun spending the day together.

Saturday began with cleaning and grocery shopping, but after fun fun.
We went to the Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival.

Then I took 3 girls to Anacortes for a Stake sports day/BBQ/dance.

Luckily another mother picked up the girls at 10pm so that I could go to the best part of the weekend.

BBQ and Movie Night at the Bebee's!!!!

Saturday night we had a BBQ and movie night with 3 other couples.
We BBQ'd steak and had a delicous meal.
Afterwards we set up an outdoor movie theatre with projector and screen.
We had a blast.  The Bebee's have an outdoor fire pit and we sat around that while we watched the movie.
We had popcorn, hot tamales, whoppers, etc. 
Loved it!!!

That was our weekend in a nutshell.

Today begins my next two classes towards completing my degree.  Wish me luck! 
These ones are going to be tough.

Not another fish picture...Just kidding

I have to share this one.

Tuesday night George, Kona and Mike (George's good friend) went salmon fishing by the ferry in Coupeville.
Mike snagged himself this 40lb King Salmon, plus two other smaller ones.

The funny part to me is that it took 30 minutes to bring it in and when he got close his pole snapped...
so what does my husband do...
he jumped in the water and wrestled it to the shore so his good friend did not lose the catch of his life.
That's my man!

Man's Weekend

George and Kona went to the cabin this weekend.

They had a great time fishing and crabbing.

George was lucky enough to catch himself a salmon.

I am glad he could get away, but even more glad to have him home.

Paisley's Birthday Presents

I know it is still 4 1/2 months away, but I am done with Paisley's birthday presents.
We bought her this very cool doll house complete with all the furniture from Costco.

In addition, she loves to we purchased this kitchen for her too.
She is going to be in heaven!!!

One thing off of the December list to do.