Family Disneyland Adventure

Some of my family went to Disneyland last week.
Mom wanted us to go, but we just had our trip to Spain and really wanted to take Paisley for her 5th birthday for the first we opted out.

They had a blast and even stayed at the Paradis Pier Disneyland Hotel!!!
How fun is that.

My mom, brother, his girlfriend and two nieces ended up going.

Isn't she cute!

Matching t-shirts???

My brother Michael...he is a really funny outgoing guy when he wants to be.

Glad they had fun...glad they are back.

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  1. We took Paisley a few weeks ago to Disneyland and it was the funnest thing ever! You guys will love it when you take your family. Plus it'll be nice cause your Paisley will be big enough for some of the bigger rides!!!