Place Baby #2 On The Way...

Paisley is so excited to be a big sister. 
She said she would even give the baby her favorite blanket. 
Now that is saying something because she freaks out when it gets washed!

We are very excited for our new and final addition.  My theory is to not let them out number you.

We wanted to wait until we were in the 2nd trimester to make our announcement to the world...
of course, family and close friends knew, but now that I can't button most of my pants it is time.

This one has been really difficult so far.

With Paisley I had no symptoms at all, this little angel is kicking my butt.

I am not on my A game and I really dislike that.

Having said that...the last week has been better.

I will be working up to the point my water breaks and doing my college classes as well.

Wish me luck...I may need it.


  1. So happy for you guys!!! I'm sure Paisley will be a great Big Sis!! When are you due?

  2. You are an amazing woman Sandra. Even though you may fell off you game you still get more done than anyone I know. I hope all goes well with the pregnancy. I'm thinking you are smarter than me with you 2 on 2 idea. We are way out numbered!
    Congratulations my friend. Please let us help you if you need anything.