Splash Park 2011

Last year we were introduced to the splash park in Mt. Vernon. 
We went again Saturday and had so much fun!
The weather was hot and the company was great!

We took Jeneva with us and she was such a big help watching out for Paisley.

We went with Tallie and her grandchildren.  Here is Cadence.

Next to the splash park is a regular park.  The kids just go back and forth all day long.

Fun times!

Dragon Boat

This week the City gave the employees and spouses an opportunity to ride and row with the Dragon Boat Team.
It was a blast.  We had great weather, saw 3 bald eagles, a seal and many boats out for Race Week.
Here are some friends getting ready to go.

Getting ready to board.

Thanks for the picture Lisa!

My arms are still sore, but we had a blast.  It was tons of fun.

Streching before we went out.

Great night with great friends with great fun!

Fun Fun Fun Week!

I had such a fun week.  It was really crazy and I still need more sleep, but fun none the less.
For Kyanne's birthday I bought her concert tickets to New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys.
Friday was the concert in Tacoma.  So I took off early and we headed down.
We had a blast!!! 
They really did an amazing concerty.  Non stop through the entire night.

These are not great pictures, but you get the jist.
This is Donny Wahlberg dancing...he still has the "right stuff."

This is how close we were!!!
We were also lucky to have Jennifer and Nerell along with us. 
The four of us had a great dinner in Lynnwood and a great concert.
We didn't get home until about 2 a.m.

This is out of order, but Wednesday we were able as the YW group to go to Ala Spit and make forts and have a BBQ.
I really love my calling!
It was a great night and I work with amazing ladies.

Saturday we were invited over to Tallie's for a playdate.
Tallie also invited Linda and Elizabeth to play too.
They loved her bouncy house.

Tallie also has a little grandaughter named Cadence...she is too cute!

Paisley and Joshua playing in the pool.

Paisley took this of Tallie.
We could not have asked for a better day.
Lots of suns, fun toys to play with, great food and great friends.

While we were playing George was crabbing with some buddies.
They caught their limit each day.

Friday night we made homemade pizza.  Yum!

And then made smores!
She is so excited.

Sunday was church...here is one of the four Spanish dresses I brought her back from Spain.
So cute!

And we had a great dinner outside yet again.
We are so blessed to have such great memories!

First Day of Preschool

Paisley began her first day of preschool today at the Doodlebugs Academy.

I dropped her off and picked her up.  She had a blast.

Here she is in her new first day of preschool outfit.

Fabulously Fun Weekend

We had a great week.  We began the next round of swimming lessons.
We went to the farmer's market and picked up a bunch of yummy things to eat.

We had dinner outside most days.

We went to the Dugualla Flats and enjoyed some ice cream.
And then we went for a family drive around the island.

Friday I went to Trader Joe's for goodies and Target for a toddler bed.
We took down the crib and put up the toddler bed. 

Saturday I had the opportunity to go to the temple with Alexis and Todd Strong. 
We went to the bookstore after and I picked up this picture that I have wanted for over a year.

We made new recipes. 
This is an apple, bacon and havarti cheese panini.

We had cousins over to play.

We played with 3D chalk.

We went to the drive-in for a triple feature. 
Paisley was so excited she carried her own gear.

Melissa and Kona came too.

Paisley had the back seats all to herself.

Paisley and I had girl time Monday morning since George worked the holiday for OT.
So we sat in the sun and enjoyed M&M's and milk.

We played on the slip and slide.

We were invited over to the Johnston's house for a 4th of July BBQ.

Paisley was in heaven with all of the older girls attention.
We met new friends and enjoyed the old ones too.

George at the BBQ of course.
Everything was yummy!
Thanks Johnston's!

We bought a few fireworks for Paisley. 
Here is George with a torch.
What is wrong with this picture? 

We had a great week!