Orcas and More...

We went to the cabin Thursday-Sunday to celebrate George's moms 60th birthday-Claudette you don't look a day over 21!!!!

We had a great time and even saw a pod of Orca whales off of the dock too.

This is Roche Harbor at its finest. George and I took Paisley there one morning to walk around and see all the multi million dollar yachts. It is alwasy so amazing.

You can't see it, but this boat below was called Kids Tuition. Too funny!

George and I picked out our dream boat. Here it is below.

We took Paisley to the beach for some down time.

Dad taught her how to skip rocks.
Some cuddle time.

George and I took a moped ride to Roche Harbor while Paisley stayed behind. It was a lot of fun. Here we are in our cool moped gear.

We gave George's mom this cool music card that played the Star Wars theme and said a long long time ago...you were born. She loved it!!! We also got her tickets to a broadway musical and dinner in Seattle.

Paisley had a ride on the mopeds too.

Papa Nick taught Paisley how to put things in her pocket. We are still finding them...thanks Papa Nick.

Here is Uncle Kona pushing Paisley on the swing. She absolutley loves to swing. This kept her entertained for hours. Thanks Doug and Mary for giving us the swing.

And of course...what you all have been waiting for...we saw a pod of Orca Whales off the dock. It was awesome!!!!! I ran for the camera and took this video. There were at least 14 of them and they were no more than 40-50 feet away from the dock. It was sooooo cool!!!!!

Rocker Babe

The other day I came out of the kitchen and found Paisley with my guitar around her neck.

The Children's Place More Discounts

Ok, I have discount codes coming out my ears now. I am going to put the codes here so you can just cut and paste them. Great deals for back to school. I ordered Jeneva and Paisley a bunch of things and saved a bundle. They are good through September 7th 15% off


Have fun shopping!!!

My Little Helpers

Jeneva and Paisley decided they were going to help me out by brushing Abbey and Angus. This has been the worse year for shedding for us.

Huge Thanks To Uncle Kona!!

Kona...I know you are reading this because you just can't get enough of my blog. Ha Ha Ha.

A huge thanks goes out to Uncle Kona for getting Paisley all these cute Baby Gap clothes. You are the best uncle.

Presents from Hawaii

George's dad is here from Hawaii for two weeks and he brought me some macadamia nuts. The ones on the left are macadamia nuts still in the shell...it takes a hammer to get them out and on the right are ones out of the shell and roasted.

George's dad brought Paisley a bunch of fun Hawaiian clothes. Here is one of the dresses that he gave her. I love the light pink color. She wore it to church on Sunday and looked too cute.

39 Things Every Mom Should Know

I was reading this article in my Parents magazine called 39 Things Every Mom Should Know. There were some that I agreed with and some I did not.

Here were the ones I did-

1. Put band aids on everthing your kids want you to. Why not?
2. Just throw away the poopy underwear-my favorite...I totally agree.
3. Don't beat yourself up in you have to use a bribe.
4. The stains won't come out. And that is ok. The sooner you accept this, the better.
5. Never stifle a generous inclination.
6. Teach them to pump on the swings ASAP.
7. Get use to the word zerrissenheit. It means state of disjointedness, and it's the new normal for most of us. As least you can feel fancy because it is German.
8. Just say "No" to any toy or doll that comes with packets that have to be mixed with water.
9. Dress your little girls like, well, like little girls.
10. You're never to old to dress up and decorate your house for Halloween. And it's more fun for everyone if you are into it. It also entitles you to more candy.
11. Don't buy the most expensive school picture package. It's a waste of money.
12. Independence is a wonderful thing. For everyone. So is together time. Make sure you have a healthy does of both.

The ones I did not agree with-

1. Don't make birthday parties a huge deal.

I say why not...it is fun to go all out for birthdays as well as special occasions.

2. Buy cheap shoes when kids are little. Feet grow faster than you think.

I love buying shoes for Paisley. They are all cute and well worth the money. Paisley has at least 15 pairs of Pedipeds and they were a great investment for healthy feet to grow into properly. Even if they did only last 6 months.

3. Always get boys' haircuts at barber shops instead of hair salons.

Who cares where it is, it just matters that you and the child are happy about it.

Good article for light reading. Check it out. You can borrow my copy if you want.


Poor George has been going fishing a lot trying to snag himself a salmon. Last night he went out and he caught 4 of them. Check out the mightly fisherman. The tides have changed.

Relaxation + Fun = San Juan Cabin

We went up to the San Juans this last weekend for some R&R. It was also George and Kona's maiden voyage driving the boat up to the cabin. The day started out foggy and I was a little nervous for their safety, but it was smooth and easy...that is what George told me anyways.

Jeneva decided to tag along this time. Kyanne was at Girls Camp. Here is Paisley, Jeneva and me on the ferry headed up with the supplies and gear necessary for this 4 day trip.

We arrived just fine to our safe fisherman. Here is the dock and the girls relaxing.

Here the girls are again relaxing on the chairs in the cabin. George's mom bought this little white chair just the right size for her little Paisley.

Here is the first sunset and the first load of crab the boys hauled in.

Jeneva's only request was that we do Smores...so we did.

Here is the sunset even better as the night went on. George is holding up the fish Kona caught because Kona did not want to look silly posing for me.

Paisley making breakfast with daddy. Notice my cool Pampered Chef collapsible bowl...I have the whole set...another acquistion from my party.

On Saturday, George invited his crew up for the day. We made them lunch and they did a little fishing.
My dear friend Tallie and her husband Tony also came up on their Harley. None of them had ever been to Friday Harbor. Wow!!!
They had a blast and we had a blast hosting them. They all even went out in the boat for a ride. Tallie and I took all the girls with us.

Here is Hunter and the fish he caught...he wanted to pose with it. He did not want to touch it though and George had to clean it for him. Too Funny! Here is the gang below too.

Sunset #2 and Kona posing with another fish.

This is the view we get to wake up too each day at the cabin. Kona and Paisley looking through the binnoculars at all the boats passing by the front of the cabin. The boats were out in full force. George even saw a whale...I did not. Paisley in her life vest and Jeneva eating crab for breakfast.

George and Kona coming in after a long morning of fishing. We went down town to shop and eat and then came back and they were right out there again fishing away.

We took the girls on moped rides. Dont' worry, we used helmets!!! Paisley and Jeneva on the dock soaking up some sun. Paisley was ready for a nap.

When we went down town we stopped at the toy store and Paisley picked out this very soft Orca Whale and Jeneva picked out this Lady Bug umbrella.

One day I was looking out and saw this huge sail boat pass by. I just had to take a picture.

George and Kona caught more fish...I am so glad they did!!! Here is the last sunset of the trip.

Back to civilization we went...at least for a couple of weeks...until we return again!!!