Relaxation + Fun = San Juan Cabin

We went up to the San Juans this last weekend for some R&R. It was also George and Kona's maiden voyage driving the boat up to the cabin. The day started out foggy and I was a little nervous for their safety, but it was smooth and easy...that is what George told me anyways.

Jeneva decided to tag along this time. Kyanne was at Girls Camp. Here is Paisley, Jeneva and me on the ferry headed up with the supplies and gear necessary for this 4 day trip.

We arrived just fine to our safe fisherman. Here is the dock and the girls relaxing.

Here the girls are again relaxing on the chairs in the cabin. George's mom bought this little white chair just the right size for her little Paisley.

Here is the first sunset and the first load of crab the boys hauled in.

Jeneva's only request was that we do we did.

Here is the sunset even better as the night went on. George is holding up the fish Kona caught because Kona did not want to look silly posing for me.

Paisley making breakfast with daddy. Notice my cool Pampered Chef collapsible bowl...I have the whole set...another acquistion from my party.

On Saturday, George invited his crew up for the day. We made them lunch and they did a little fishing.
My dear friend Tallie and her husband Tony also came up on their Harley. None of them had ever been to Friday Harbor. Wow!!!
They had a blast and we had a blast hosting them. They all even went out in the boat for a ride. Tallie and I took all the girls with us.

Here is Hunter and the fish he caught...he wanted to pose with it. He did not want to touch it though and George had to clean it for him. Too Funny! Here is the gang below too.

Sunset #2 and Kona posing with another fish.

This is the view we get to wake up too each day at the cabin. Kona and Paisley looking through the binnoculars at all the boats passing by the front of the cabin. The boats were out in full force. George even saw a whale...I did not. Paisley in her life vest and Jeneva eating crab for breakfast.

George and Kona coming in after a long morning of fishing. We went down town to shop and eat and then came back and they were right out there again fishing away.

We took the girls on moped rides. Dont' worry, we used helmets!!! Paisley and Jeneva on the dock soaking up some sun. Paisley was ready for a nap.

When we went down town we stopped at the toy store and Paisley picked out this very soft Orca Whale and Jeneva picked out this Lady Bug umbrella.

One day I was looking out and saw this huge sail boat pass by. I just had to take a picture.

George and Kona caught more fish...I am so glad they did!!! Here is the last sunset of the trip.

Back to civilization we least for a couple of weeks...until we return again!!!

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