Busy Busy Week

My new favorite place is the Berry Barn on the way to Burlington.  There are so many neat things in there.  I picked up this sign for my office.  I also bought another for a friends birthday.

As you can see we picked up popcorn too.  Paisley and Jeneva loved it.

George and Paisley have been bike riding every day while I am at the gym.

George's composter came in and it is ready to go.

Friday we had a Beehive going away/pity party at Jennifer's because the older girls were at Youth Conference. 
They made pizza, watched a movie and enjoyed lots of giggles.  I enjoyed talking with the other leaders, but stayed up way too late.  I had site security at 4 a.m. to do the next day. 

I had two 5 hours OT shifts at the bone site on Pioneer Way. 
It was great.  I just watched movies and enjoyed some alone time.

We had cousins over...here is David in the sand box.

Lynnsey and Paisley playing on the playset all day.

George planted some more items in our garden boxes.

Paisley did the hula for me.

The yard was clean and then the disaster 3 blew through...

Abbey sun bathing.

George's little helper.  He absolutely loved George. He followed him around all day.

I taught the Beehivs on Sunday and made these fun hand outs. 
I drove all the way to Burlington to get these SEES lollipops and they loved them!

Paisley also did her first talk in Primary and George came to watch her.  She did really well, but is definitely going to be the class clown.  She fed off of all the giggles when she spoke too loud in the microphone.

She was so happy and so excited all week to give her talk and she did it!

This is one of my favorite things.  I take Paisley to my sister's in the morning and George picks her up while I go to the gym.  Some mornings we head out a little early and pick up Starbucks hot chocolates.  She loves it and I love spending girl time with her.  She is growing up so fast!

No Pictures

I did not take one picture this week.  I know shameful.

We are back in our daily groove since being away for 2 weeks.  George no longer has jet-lag and Paisley is back on schedule.  Work has been crazy with catching up, but I am almost caught up.

Last week I had lunch with Tallie, Amy and Melissa from work and we tried out the new Italian restaurant in the Old Town Mall.  It was really good and priced really well.

I also had an opportunity to go hiking-not my idea- for YW.  I have not been to Ft. Ebey since I went on a date with a guy in high school. I don't plan on going back anytime soon either.  All I can say is I am done hiking for the year at least. 

Friday, George, Paisley and I went to down to walk the waterfront trail.  Paisley was on her bike and she is super fast.  She can use her brakes and all.  Thanks Grandma and Papa Nick for showing her how and thanks for warning us that she was so fast.  We had to run a couple times to catch her.  It was a great walk and great weather.

All I did Saturday was get 4 inches cut off my hair and sleep.  Paisley and I took a four hour nap!  It was great and then we went to bed early too.

Sunday we had a great Father's Day.  Paisley sang in sacrament at church for the first time.  We practiced and she was great!  We made George baked french toast for breakfast and for his gift we ordered him a compost bin that rotates and that should be in Tuesday. 

In addition, he wanted brisket for dinner so he threw one on the grill and ended the day full.  Melissa and Kona came over for dinner and brought us Tillamook cheese from their weekend camping adventure.  Yummy!

This week was going to be quiet, but now I have something to do every night of the week.  Wish me luck!

Spain 2011 Trip

Here is a taste of our trip to Spain.  Way too many pictures to post. 

We began our trip in Madrid for 3 days.

This is where George ate many interesting items.  We found Madrid to be very diverse, but fustrating.  You really need to know Spanish to make it easy...however, we made it by pointing a lot. 

Here is George in front of the hammon museum.

 This is suckling pig.

 The royal palace was very interesting to me.  I was truly amazed.

 They give you these white hearing aids in your language to use while you are there.  We also went to the museums and saw works of art by Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh and more that I can't remember right now

 After our days in Madrid we took the AVE to Barcelona.  The AVE is their high speed train system.  It was fabulous to use and only took less than 3 hours to get there.

In Barcelona we saw tons of Gaudi work.  We took the City tour bus that let you get on and off at whatever sites you wanted all day long for as long as you wanted.  We were able to see so much this way.

This is the La Sagrada Familia. 
It's a basilica that was started in 1882 and won't be finished for another 30 years or so.  Just amazing.

One of my favorite things was the hammon and melon.  Great taste of salty with sweet.  I have to tell you that I did not do so great with the food.  Lots of bread, cheese and meat.  Not a lot of fruits and veggies. 
I literally lost 10 lbs with lack of food and all the walking we did. 
I did however have some fabulous chocolate.

Barcelona was our favorite place and we really needed more than 3 days there.

After Barcelona we took the train down to the bottom of Spain.  Here we stayed with my sister in Rota and she took us to Gibraltar which is still under British rule. 

George and my nephew Anthony.
 In Gibraltar we explored caves and took a tour which was bascially a crash course in history. At the top we were able to see Africa which is only 13 miles away and also many monkeys.

 This is the pig legs in the grocery store just hanging.

 Here is my brother in law Josh's retirement ceremony.  It was really nice.

Leather is very big in Spain.  I bought these leather flowers for my nieces.  Big flowers seem to be a trend at church these days...so I got them for them to wear.  I myself have not embraced the fad.

All in all we had a fabulous trip for 14 days and now I am glad to be home.

For more pictures or details...give me a call and we'll chat.

Huge Thanks to Family!!!

George and I went to Spain for two weeks without our little angel.  She would have never made the plane ride, train rides and metro running. 

We are so blessed to have Claudette and Nick in our lives...not just because they watched Paisley for us, but because they are the best!

I can't tell you how thankful I am to have such a great mother in law and father in law.

While we were gone, Paisley had the best time in the whole world.  She rode her bike daily, she made pancakes for lunch, she went to the zoo, she went to festivals, parades, she swam in the lake and in the pool and on and on and on.
I didn't have to worry at all. 

Here are a few pictures they sent to us...

At the zoo with grandma sitting by.

Playing with grandma.

Washing the dishes.

Making pancakes with grandma.
Swimming in the lake.
Thank you so much Claudette and Nick.  We love you!