Spain 2011 Trip

Here is a taste of our trip to Spain.  Way too many pictures to post. 

We began our trip in Madrid for 3 days.

This is where George ate many interesting items.  We found Madrid to be very diverse, but fustrating.  You really need to know Spanish to make it easy...however, we made it by pointing a lot. 

Here is George in front of the hammon museum.

 This is suckling pig.

 The royal palace was very interesting to me.  I was truly amazed.

 They give you these white hearing aids in your language to use while you are there.  We also went to the museums and saw works of art by Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh and more that I can't remember right now

 After our days in Madrid we took the AVE to Barcelona.  The AVE is their high speed train system.  It was fabulous to use and only took less than 3 hours to get there.

In Barcelona we saw tons of Gaudi work.  We took the City tour bus that let you get on and off at whatever sites you wanted all day long for as long as you wanted.  We were able to see so much this way.

This is the La Sagrada Familia. 
It's a basilica that was started in 1882 and won't be finished for another 30 years or so.  Just amazing.

One of my favorite things was the hammon and melon.  Great taste of salty with sweet.  I have to tell you that I did not do so great with the food.  Lots of bread, cheese and meat.  Not a lot of fruits and veggies. 
I literally lost 10 lbs with lack of food and all the walking we did. 
I did however have some fabulous chocolate.

Barcelona was our favorite place and we really needed more than 3 days there.

After Barcelona we took the train down to the bottom of Spain.  Here we stayed with my sister in Rota and she took us to Gibraltar which is still under British rule. 

George and my nephew Anthony.
 In Gibraltar we explored caves and took a tour which was bascially a crash course in history. At the top we were able to see Africa which is only 13 miles away and also many monkeys.

 This is the pig legs in the grocery store just hanging.

 Here is my brother in law Josh's retirement ceremony.  It was really nice.

Leather is very big in Spain.  I bought these leather flowers for my nieces.  Big flowers seem to be a trend at church these I got them for them to wear.  I myself have not embraced the fad.

All in all we had a fabulous trip for 14 days and now I am glad to be home.

For more pictures or details...give me a call and we'll chat.


  1. Fabulous!! I want to go. Although not interested in the suckling pig. But the rest all looked amazing. Maybe I need to go to Europe for weight loss! Welcome home!

  2. The trip sounded amazing!! What a fun time for you and George together.
    I haven't quite embraced the flower thing either, kids ok! :) But Mom's, Doesn't make sense to me, maybe if we lived in Hawaii....maybe!