No Pictures

I did not take one picture this week.  I know shameful.

We are back in our daily groove since being away for 2 weeks.  George no longer has jet-lag and Paisley is back on schedule.  Work has been crazy with catching up, but I am almost caught up.

Last week I had lunch with Tallie, Amy and Melissa from work and we tried out the new Italian restaurant in the Old Town Mall.  It was really good and priced really well.

I also had an opportunity to go hiking-not my idea- for YW.  I have not been to Ft. Ebey since I went on a date with a guy in high school. I don't plan on going back anytime soon either.  All I can say is I am done hiking for the year at least. 

Friday, George, Paisley and I went to down to walk the waterfront trail.  Paisley was on her bike and she is super fast.  She can use her brakes and all.  Thanks Grandma and Papa Nick for showing her how and thanks for warning us that she was so fast.  We had to run a couple times to catch her.  It was a great walk and great weather.

All I did Saturday was get 4 inches cut off my hair and sleep.  Paisley and I took a four hour nap!  It was great and then we went to bed early too.

Sunday we had a great Father's Day.  Paisley sang in sacrament at church for the first time.  We practiced and she was great!  We made George baked french toast for breakfast and for his gift we ordered him a compost bin that rotates and that should be in Tuesday. 

In addition, he wanted brisket for dinner so he threw one on the grill and ended the day full.  Melissa and Kona came over for dinner and brought us Tillamook cheese from their weekend camping adventure.  Yummy!

This week was going to be quiet, but now I have something to do every night of the week.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Sounds like a great week to me. Love the post even if there were no pictures. And I thought the hike was lots of fun. I'm so glad we could come along!