Splash Park

Well, we had tons of things going on Saturday, but after evaluating what was most important...I decided that Paisley and I would have a girls day together. Daddy stayed home to work on his honey do list.

So, church activities were put aside and we headed to Mt. Vernon to their new splash park. We had a ball!!!

Here we are at the splash park. We took Jeneva along and met up with Tallie and her two grandkids.

The girls are deciding if they are going in...it was a little overcast at first, but after about 20 minutes the sun came out in a blaze of glory.

It was so cool...
Paisley loved the frogs...they moved so you could get people.

Tallie and Caydence.

Isn't she a cutie pie...
Right by the splash park is a toddlers park and a big kids park. They went back and forth all day.

Enjoying a little snack time...

Paisley is pooped. No nap and lots of playing...she was wiped out.

What a great day!

George's Garage Sale Find

George went with a friend to some garage sales Saturday and brought back a great find for $10.00.

The house and kitchen were in great shape...just needed a little cleaning up. Here they are working on the play toys.

And here is Paisley and Jeneva enjoying the play toys.

The simple things in life....

Playset for Paisley-So Excited!

In less than two weeks Paisley will have her own playset. She loves to swing, slide and climb.

We have been thinking about getting one for the backyard and found this really cool one online at Costco.com.

It will be delivered in less than two weeks!!!

Happy Father's Day George!!!

What a Father's Day!!!

It began by Paisley and I making a new recipe for Sunday breakfast for George. It is called Egg and Bacon Pie. Very easy and it was quite tasty.

After breakfast I made this friendship bread that was given to me...thanks a lot Tim. I am glad to have it off my counter.

I made George his very own Hawaiian Dream Cake that he does not have to share if he does not want too.

George and Paisley took a nap together after church.

Just found this picture...it has nothing to do with Father's Day...I just added it in because she is so darn cute!!!

One of George's Father's Day gifts was a grilling pan from William and Sonoma. He loved it!!! For Father's Day dinner we did BBQ even though it was raining...instead of the usual steak...we did nachos on the new grill tray!!! It was yummy!

Here is the final product. Recipe from William and Sonoma too.

Paisley decided she had to dish out the sour cream to each of us.

Happy Father's Day to you all!

Wow! What A Quilt

A friend at work gave me this quilt she made for Paisley this AM. She is so talented.

It took my breathe away. The picture does not do it justice. It is gorgeous!!!!

Thanks Nancy-you are so great to think of Paisley. We appreciate your hard work. She will love it for years to come.

Tom Petty at the Gorge

This weekend George and I went away with 4 other couples to the Gorge to see Tom Petty perform. We rented a couple of condos at the Crescent Bar area. The weather was 85 degrees each day...needless to say we had a ball.

Before I begin with the captions I want to take a moment to thank Melissa and Kona for watching Paisley for us while we were gone and for my sister and her family as well. We could not have done it without you all.

On a side note...this was the first time we have left Paisley more than a day. Four days without her was bittersweet. We had a great time with just the two of us, but we missed her terribly. Glad to be home snuggling with her.

On our way to the Gorge we stopped in Leavenworth for lunch. Here is Susan and Barbara posing for a picture.

It was a beautiful day in Leavenworth...we looked around and then headed East.

Here is the pool...the place I stayed all weekend except for the concert Saturday night.

Here is George enjoying his peace and quiet on the deck.

This is the inside of the condo's we stayed at. Very nice and comfortable.

At the Gorge...

What a view!!!!

Ok, prepare yourselves for this...we had VIP parking and seating. We were able to obtain 8 free tickets in the VIP section. It was lovely!!!!

We even had a waiter!!!! I know....what a way to travel.

Here we are in the VIP seating.

Tom Petty can still rock with the best of them.

Back home to our Paisley girl.

#2 and South Africa

I have to announce to the world....Paisley went #2 in the potty. Finally. She has been going #1, but never #2...no diapers...here we come! No pictures...didn't want to gross anyone out.

I am off today...Paisley is not feeling well. While she was resting I went on Facebook and found 3 long lost friends from South Africa. I am so amazed at what technology we have in the world.


Memorial Day Weekend

Our holiday weekend went by pretty fast and pretty quiet. It started Friday when I went and had my monthly pedicure. It was a great way to begin the weekend. I am liking this monthly ritual of pedicures.

George went to the cabin with Abbey on Friday through Sunday morning to finish up the floors. Paisley was not feeling well so we stayed behind.
Saturday she was feeling better and we had promised Lynsey she could come over and have a girls night and spend the night. So Saturday we had a girls night complete with movies and ice cream. Here are my little fairies playing around.

And here they are resting before bed.

Paisley has decided to keep Abbey company now that Angus is gone. Here are my girls.

Yes, we should get a saddle...Paisley would enjoy that.

For Kyanne's birthday Monday night we took her out to dinner and then back to our house for presents and homemade ice cream. This was meant to be his Father's Day gift, but he informed me that it is a family type gift...so I had to think of something else for Father's Day. And he says I am spoiled. :) None the less....the girls loved the ice cream a lot!!!

After the girls were settled...I headed off to a girls night out watching the Bachelorette for the first time. I made these yummy cheesecake treats to share. I had a lot of fun! Thanks ladies and thanks Linda for driving with me.