Tom Petty at the Gorge

This weekend George and I went away with 4 other couples to the Gorge to see Tom Petty perform. We rented a couple of condos at the Crescent Bar area. The weather was 85 degrees each day...needless to say we had a ball.

Before I begin with the captions I want to take a moment to thank Melissa and Kona for watching Paisley for us while we were gone and for my sister and her family as well. We could not have done it without you all.

On a side note...this was the first time we have left Paisley more than a day. Four days without her was bittersweet. We had a great time with just the two of us, but we missed her terribly. Glad to be home snuggling with her.

On our way to the Gorge we stopped in Leavenworth for lunch. Here is Susan and Barbara posing for a picture.

It was a beautiful day in Leavenworth...we looked around and then headed East.

Here is the pool...the place I stayed all weekend except for the concert Saturday night.

Here is George enjoying his peace and quiet on the deck.

This is the inside of the condo's we stayed at. Very nice and comfortable.

At the Gorge...

What a view!!!!

Ok, prepare yourselves for this...we had VIP parking and seating. We were able to obtain 8 free tickets in the VIP section. It was lovely!!!!

We even had a waiter!!!! I know....what a way to travel.

Here we are in the VIP seating.

Tom Petty can still rock with the best of them.

Back home to our Paisley girl.

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