Logan Andrew Foy

These are not the best, but here is our families new bundle of joy. Introducing Mr. Logan Andrew Foy!!!

Here is Logan with his brother Anthony.


Paisley and I just skyped with Papa Nick. It is free and works great. Now they can see her when they talk to her. We will be trying it with my sister and her family in Spain too.
Thanks Papa Nick for suggesting it. Love it!

Bear Claws In The Making

Here are two more pictures of Paisley helping make bear claws Sunday morning. Papa Nick took these and sent them our way.

Sorry Melissa...we just woke up and went to work to feed our men folk...so Melissa and I were not at our finest.

New Baby Boy Is Finally Here!!!

Congratulations goes out to my little sister and her family.
Logan Andrew Foy was born this morning in Rhoda, Spain.
7lbs 3oz and 19" long
Pictures to come!!!
I am sure he is the most handsome baby boy ever!!!!
Mom called this morning to let us know...
baby and mom are doing great.
No complications!!!

Opening Day Weekend

What a great weekend that began on Wednesday. I had my hair done. I have been needing a cut badly. I went a little shorter than normal. Taking off 2 inches.

Thursday I had a pedicure!!! Love it. The gal even said I had "cute" toes. Needless to say she got a HUGE tip for that one. My goal is to get a pedicure once a month until Winter.

Friday we headed off to Belfair to see George's mom and Papa Nick for Opening Day Weekend of fishing. We look forward to this all year.

Papa Nick bought a popcorn machine for Paisley. She is patiently waiting for it to pop.

Here is George, Kona and Melissa out fishing. Check out the couple with the umbrella on the floating device. The fish were really biting this year. All of them caught trout!!!!

Claudette and Nicks house on Lake Benson.

Here is Melissa fishing.
Here is George with some of the fish.

Here is our little fisherwoman. She has her own pole and everything.

She decided she wanted to go for a boat ride with daddy.

It did not last long...

Paisley spent a lot of time in the corner.

We celebrated Uncle Kona's birthday.

Sorry, these are not in order-
On Friday we went shopping on our way down to grandma and Papa Nick's house. We stopped at Barnes and Nobles to get a new book and found this Paisley horse for Paisley. Love it!!!
We also went to Claim Jumpers for lunch and a few other stores to boot.

Went to Target and found shorts for Paisley for $2.00 each and I found a black skirt for me.

Here is Paisley fishing again.

She had a lot of fun.

She helped make bear claws for Sunday breakfast with me and Melissa.

And then we headed home. Big day tomorrow...Diana is having her baby. Good Luck Little Sis...Glad mom is in Spain to help you out!!!

SimplyFun Party

George and I are hosting a SimplyFun Party on April 30th starting at 7 p.m. If you did not receive an invite and would like to come...let me know and I'll send you the details.
Crystal is the consultant so it should be really fun!!!
This is a great way to get some family board games for all ages.
If you can't make it and would like to still order...let me know.
Hope to see you all there!

Temple and More...

This weekend we took the opportunity to go to Canada to go to an Open House of a new LDS temple that will be dedicated on May 2nd. George, Paisley and I packed into the Tahoe and left bright and early. It was a nice trip....we took the Lynden crossing which was awesome...no wait at all. Here is our lovely Paisley making a face for the camera.

Here is the beautiful temple.

On the way back we stopped at Trader Joes in Bellingham to stock up on chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels. Yum!!!!

I have to show this...I purchased two of these from Costco this last week. They are for wet items. I put one in the Tahoe and one in Paisley's diaper bag gear. It will be great for wet swim suits, wet diapers, wet nappies...whatever. It is 11x17 and lined. Great idea.

Here is our little fairy.
She doesn't have a pocket in this chic outfit, so she made one.

We made it back in time so that I could attend a gardening class put on by Linda and Eric. I really dislike gardening, but I wanted to support Linda. They did a fabulous job. I now have a tomato and cucumber plant to add to George's other plants.

Paisley helped me water my new crops in her chic outfit.

Sunday after church it was so nice outside. I put a tank top and shorts on Paisley and she played all night long. We had to drag her dirty butt in. She is looking pretty worn out here. She didn't even make it to 8 p.m. she was so worn out.

So was daddy.

We had Melissa, Kona, Jeneva and Kyanne for a rib dinner Sunday night. It was a lot of fun and very good. We even dined outside!!! After dinner the girls played with their 3D chalk set. Pretty cool stuff...it really does work.

That is about all for us. Nice weekend for the Place Family.

Sleeping Beauties

Sarah and Ciera...you'll appreciate this link.

Everyone go to this site today. The baby photos are fabulous and unique. It use to be only Anne Geddes could make a sleeping baby so cute. These photographers are doing wonderful work too.


Click on the parenting tab on the left side, then scroll down to the slideshow of sleeping beauties.

It is so cute. My favorites are 4-12-13-16

Love the hats!

Forgotten Passport = 4:30 a.m. Drive to Clinton

My mom left for Spain this morning to take care of my younger sister while she is on bedrest and then to help her through her recovery when she has her baby boy next week via C-section.

My older sister took her to the airport. They made it to Everett and then mom realized she forgot her passport. Say what!!!!

I was called to get it and meet them in Clinton at the ferry to keep mom on track to get to her flight at 7:40 a.m. So I put on some shoes and raced to moms home to get her passport then proceeded to Clinton...this all at 4:30 in the morning.

I made it down there right as they were pulling off of the ferry and just in time for them to turn right back around and get back on the ferry. Smooth move Christine!!! I am glad you are a quick thinker.

I then headed home to get ready for work to be there by my starting time of 7 a.m. George had the girls up and ready and heading out the door as I pulled up. I showered and dressed and put on the final touches and made it to work with 10 minutes to spare. I would be lying if I said I did not speed...so I won't.

Anyways, mom and Christine made it there with an hour to get through ticketing, security, customs, what not.

As far as I know mom is on the plane and headed to sunny Spain.

I hope her flight is better than last time.

Love ya mom!!! You keep life interesting!!!

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend. It began Friday night when we went out with Kona, Melissa, Tallie and Tony to see Clash of the Titans in 3D in Seattle. Tons of fun. Thanks guys!

We ate at the RAM. Fun and fabulous!!! George had a huge burger as you can see below.

I had a virgin margarita!!!

Saturday we went to the Easter egg hunt as posted below...here is Jeneva and Paisley looking at their score.

Paisley's card from grandma Lestenkof and Papa Nick.

Paisley on the phone with grandma Lestenkof thanking her for the beautiful card.

After the hunt Jeneva and Paisley decorated eggs.

They were so proud of their eggs.

Sunday morning Paisley had a visit from the Easter bunny.

She loved her bunny ears.

Daddy had her do her own Easter egg hunt.

We tivo'd general conference so we could go out to brunch with family at the Chuckanut manor. It was delicious. Then we went to the tulips fields as posted below and then home for a nice family dinner.

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend too. We are so thankful for great family and friends and of course the sacrifice of our Savior. We are very blessed!!!