Hawaiian Style Weekend

WOW!  What a weekend.  I need a nap to recover.

It began Friday with a nice and relaxing pedicure and then it got crazy from there.

Friday night we celebrated George's birthday with my family.  We went out to dinner and had a great time.

Then Saturday morning bright and early I hit the gym for a good work out and then had the desire to clean out the fridge.  That took about 2 hour worth of scrubbing and cleaning every inch, but it does look great. 

Saturday afternoon we went to Tallie's house for a BBQ and I have to say that was too much fun.  We didn't want to leave....we did however leave because we went to a showing of Pirates of the Carribean #4 with my brother and his girlfriend.  Their present to George was taking us to the movies.  Fun night and great show.

Sunday was calm, but also busy getting ready for church.

George's dad sent him a birthday package and inside were these dresses for Paisley. 
They are really cute...much better than the picture.

Here she is all dresses up for church.  Her face is still beat up from falling this week.

This Wednesday the Beehives are learning how to hula so I made up some reminders and stapled them to lei's.

Paisley decided to help.

She decided to wear all 36 lei's.

This is the result.  Funny girl.

I have to say May is birthday month.  I have now celebrated 8 family and friends birthdays and I have 2 more to go.

I am definitley in need of a vacation.

Only 8 more days now and Spain here we come.

George's 35th Birthday Weekend

In our family birthdays are a big deal. 
We love to celebrate one another.
So to celebrate George's birthday we went to his favorite place.
The family cabin!!!

Paisley jumped on the swing first thing. 
I am surprised she still fits.

She is helping daddy load the boat.

We went to the toy store and she picked out finger paints.

Daddy's first catch of the weekend.

The view from the deck.

Papa Nick and Paisley relaxing on the deck.

George's birthday present to himself.  A 14lb lincott.
Ugly bugger.  The fish...not George. :)

Sunday night we had George's birthday party.

He requested pie!
We also gave him tons of moola for Home Depot
so he can finally do his outdoor BBQ retreat.

Below Paisley's new thing is to play the piano while we sing. 
Check her out.

We had a great weekend and George had a great birthday.

Cowgirl Paisley

Paisley was given this blue horse one week, the boots the next week from my cousin, daddy gave her the rope and I bought her the hat.  This is what all that produces.

Fabulous Mother's Day!

Our weekend began with a trip to a Mariners game.  We had a blast.

We had garlic fries, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream dots, foot long dogs, mariner dogs, taters, chicken and more. 
We ate our way through the game basically.

We took the girls with us.

My Mother's Day began with flowers and kisses and hugs from my baby girl.

This is Paisley zoning out.  She did not have a nap on Sunday.

George bought me a seatbelt wallet to go with my seatbelt purses and an Itune gift card tucked in it.

In addtion, he made me dinner and bought a chocolate cake from Costco.  He knows me well.

I am so blessed to a be mom!

I am also blessed to have a fabuous mom and mother-in-law as well.

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

TOFW & Opening Day Fishing

This weekend flew by, but it was fun! 

It began Friday when Linda and I headed down to Seattle for Time Out For Women.

We shopped and shopped and shopped.

One thing I picked up were these cute crocs for Paisley. 
She absolutely loves Dora right now.

We went to a great women's conference called Time Out For Women.  It was fabulous! 
Great speakers and great musical performances.
The venue was Benaroyal Hall-which I have to say it great!
My cup is full and I am ready to go...

While I went to Seattle...George and Paisley headed to
grandma and papa Nick's home for opening day weekend of fishing.

They fished and fished and fished.

I joined them Saturday after the conference.

My little fisherman.

She can cast now and does a great job reeling it in.

Going with daddy for a boat ride.

Relaxing with papa Nick on the deck in the sun!
Picking on uncle Kona.
We had a really nice time. 
Here is Melissa, Kona and Paisley on the dock.

We hope you all had a great weekend too!