Carving Pumpkins

This weekend was pretty quiet. Both Paisley and George were not feeling well Friday and part of the day Saturday.

All we really did was carve our pumpkins and paint-which painting is Paisleys new found love.

We had a great time...especially George and I...Paisley was really fun to watch this year.

I loved this top...that is why I chose this pumpkin with the curly ques.

Yummy pumpkin seeds that George made.
This is funny. Paisley is a girly girly for sure. She didn't like the pumpkin guts at all. Love her!

First Halloween Event

Jeneva had her first Halloween party last night for Achievement Day Girls. I had seen these in a magazine and I just happened to have everything in the fridge so we made mummy dogs for her finger food. They were easy and turned out great. The girls loved them!

As I was trying to take a picture of Jeneva...Paisley had to have hers taken too.

Here is Jeneva. She is a spanish gal. Her aunt sister in Spain gave this authentic dress to her for her birthday. She spiced it up and there you go.

Kyanne did her make up. Her dad did not like it. :)

Again....Paisley had to be in the shot.

After I made the mummy dogs I began my baking for the night which lasted until 10 p.m. Tonight we have YW In Excellence. The beehives have the value of Faith and Divine Nature so we used the beehive pans and made white angel food cake and blueberry muffins for our colors which of course are white and blue. In addition the leaders had to do Virtue which is I made pineapple upside down cake for ours. Needless to say I was baking all night.

At least I am all ready to go for tonight. One thing off the list.

What we have been up too...

Last week was CRAZY busy, but we managed to make it through it and even ended with some great family time.

At work I am managing a huge project for our fuel island upgrade. We had these huge boxes left over that the dispensers were in. George brought them home and turned one into a house for Paisley.

She colored in the inside with Jeneva and then away they played.

Wednesday for mutal night we did a Hobo Party. We dressed up as hobo's played games and had our refreshments in #10 tin cans. Fun times.

Thursday I had a chance to go to a leadership meeting that was totally uplifting. I have been to them in the past where I just wanted to harm myself. This one was great. I especially enjoyed talking with Tammy and Donna on the way up and getting better aquainted.
Friday I went out with two really dear friends. Thanks Tallie and Amy for a great night out! We went to see Life as we know it. Good movie, but bring your hankie.
Saturday morning George made Paisley and me flower eggs and ladybug pancakes. He is a jewel. Paisley and I loved them!!!!

Then after breakfast Paisley and I made tons of zuccini and pineapple bread. Just in time for our home teachers Sunday afternoon. Paisley is such a great helper.

Here are a few loaves. We made regular size and mini size. We gave them all away which made us even happier.

Then after that I went to the Relief Society Fall Brunch and came home to George strapping Paisley into the dune buggy for a ride. That is all I will say about that.

She had a blast.

Then it was family time. We went to the pumpkin patch in Burlington..any pumpkin for $3.00. Any size any shape any kind. It was great. We each picked one out and then picked one out for Kyanne, Jeneva and Grandma Ewing. We also picked up a couple of cooking ones...we'll see what we can do with those.

This mug shot is because a pumpkin was broken and she was sad for it.

She finally picked one she liked. Daddy carried it for her since it was too heavy for her.

It is nice to have strong daddy's.

We needed a wheel barrow for all of our pumpkins.

Paisley helped put them into the Tahoe.

Then we were off to Target for a little shopping and then to Red Robin for dinner and then to ColdStone Creamery for some ice cream!!!! What a day. It was fun to have some family time with just the 3 of us.

On our way home we saw this great sunset crossing the Deception Pass bridge.

We ended the day with a dip in the hot tub and off to bed.
Sunday was much quieter. After classes at church I went to pick up Paisley at the nursery...on my way I saw nursery children with Halloween houses made out of graham crackers and frosting decorated up. I thought how cute...can't wait to see what Paisley did....well this is what I was handed as I picked her up.
The nursery leaders said at least she did not eat the paper....thank heavens for that.
Here is what was left and that is only because she is like her mother and doesn't like these things or candy corn for the matter. We only waste the calories on chocolate.

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas card photo shoot. They are favorites, but not the best ones that we used on our Christmas cards. You will have to wait to see those. Sarah did a great job as usual. Thanks a bunch!

34th Birthday Weekend & More

My birthday weekend was a blast. Thank you to my very dear friends and family that made it so special.

My 34th birthday was Sunday. However, my birthday weekend started Friday with my two very best friends Tallie and Amy taking me out to lunch. Amy sent me these beautiful flowers to my office and my dear friends Alvin and Susan gave me a gift certifcate to Carlas's for a pedicure or whatever I want really.

Then I got home and my beehive cupcake pan finally came in. I am going to make these for the beehives on their birthdays!!! It is soooooo cute.

These pictures are not in order....however for my birthday George took me away to Seattle. We tivo'd General Conference and away we went. He booked a room at the Red Lion in downtown Seattle. While there we went to a movie, dinner at my favorite place and shopping. He bought me whatever I wanted. Love this man!!!

I went to William and Sonoma and found these egg molds...Paisley will love them for breakfast. It shapes your eggs into flowers.

I also picked up this pancake mix pen for my pancake molds. It will make them way easier.

We of course had to stop at Uwajimaya's to stock up on Hawaiian foods and other oriental foods galore. These are a favorite. Hawaiian sweet rolls.

This birthday was all about the Carla's Gift Certificates...I guess people really know how much I love pedicures there...I now have 3 pedicures awaiting my name. Can't wait!!!
Thanks again Kona & Melissa and Claudette and Nick for the gift cards.

We stopped at a market to get some apple cider...Paisley and I had some warmed up last night. It was delicious.

Also at Uwajiimayas I bought the girls and Paisley and myself some fans for church when it is just so muggy. I also picked up Paisley these cute oriental slippers.

At the market I picked up zuccini too. I am going to make tons of bread this weekend with it.

We filled the hot tub back up and have been hot tubbing.

For my birthday we started out by taking the ferry and stopping at Ivars in Mulkiteo for lunch. We had soup and salad. Ivars clam chowder is another favorite of mine. I have to stop here and thank Melissa and Kona again for watching Paisley. We had to force her to come home...she had so much fun with you two.

We then went into Seatlle, checked in and hit the pavement. We went to a movie and then to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Loved it.

This is fried macaroni and cheese.

George had ribs....

The picture is not good, but I had my fav...steak diane.

Then we took cheesecake back to our room to enjoy it in our pj's. Great night, great weather. Love you so much George....You are the best.
When we came home Sunday and the family spoiled me with dinner and cake and presents. I love you all. I am truly blessed and spoiled by you all!!!