First Halloween Event

Jeneva had her first Halloween party last night for Achievement Day Girls. I had seen these in a magazine and I just happened to have everything in the fridge so we made mummy dogs for her finger food. They were easy and turned out great. The girls loved them!

As I was trying to take a picture of Jeneva...Paisley had to have hers taken too.

Here is Jeneva. She is a spanish gal. Her aunt sister in Spain gave this authentic dress to her for her birthday. She spiced it up and there you go.

Kyanne did her make up. Her dad did not like it. :)

Again....Paisley had to be in the shot.

After I made the mummy dogs I began my baking for the night which lasted until 10 p.m. Tonight we have YW In Excellence. The beehives have the value of Faith and Divine Nature so we used the beehive pans and made white angel food cake and blueberry muffins for our colors which of course are white and blue. In addition the leaders had to do Virtue which is I made pineapple upside down cake for ours. Needless to say I was baking all night.

At least I am all ready to go for tonight. One thing off the list.

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  1. Good idea with the pineapple upside down cake, all i could come up with was Crescent rolls- Golden brown! :)