A Variety of Things

I think George was so nervous that I was having contractions while he was gone that the first day back he put the crib back together again. 

Friday night we went out to dinner as a family and stopped at the new toy store on Pioneer Way.
Paisley picked out an art kit.  She made a wand.

While daddy was gone we did lots of fun things...Paisley and I worked on puzzles.

Paisley drew on her art easel and made this picture of daddy as a welcome home sign.

Melissa helped me out Wednesday night by watching Paisley while I was at church taking care of 15 or so 12-13 year olds.  I did not want to drag her along, so Melissa watched her since everyone else was working or at church with me.
They had a blast-Thanks Melissa!!!
They watched Princess and the Frog and made yummy lemon, blueberry bread.
It was great!

Another picture of her working on her princess wand.

Saturday night Melissa and Kona came over for some dinner and some Mahjong.
We love to play, but you need another couple...so if anyone wants to play-let us know!
Had a great night.  Mom took Paisley Saturday too for a matinee movie and then dinner, so it was a nice adult night.

Have a great week.

George's Hawaii Trip

George had a great time in Hawaii with his dad and family.
Here is George's dads humble abode he is working on.
George helped him out while he was there.

George made it just in time for Chinese New Year and boy did they celebrate.
Here are the ducks that they killed and ate for the celebration.
George said it was an interesting exprience.

Paisley's coconut tree...3 years grown.
George and his dad planted it for her 1 year birthday celebration if you recall.

Of course, George went fishing!

Some of the family all together for a nice game of Mahjong and food.

George brought us back tons of goodies.
Paisley has a new saraong and some flower clips, in her favorite color of course.

New flip flops and crocs.

Chocolates for mom and new family flip flop stickers for the Tahoe.

A couple of new dresses for Paisley.

So glad to have George back!!!
We love him so much!

Baby Shower for Pippa

Saturday afternoon the girls from work threw a babyshower for me.  We had such a great time.  It was a tea party!

Thank you so much Majda and Tallie!!! 
And of course, all the ladies that came.
It was a special day.

Melissa made the diaper cake.  Too cute!

Angela made this beautiful blanket for the baby.  Love it!

Cute outfits...I love baby clothes...it has been so hard not to buy any new ones since we kept all of Paisley's.

I have to brag on behalf of Tallie now...she made these bibs...
the pictures do not do them justice...they are incredible.
Such detail from a very talented person and friend.

She made these too.

Now, for the amazing part of the shower.

The best part of the shower was that most of the gifts were given to the Pregnancy Care Clinic.
We are so very blessed, so we were able to donate most everything to the clinic.
The ladies brought tons of diaper, formula and warm clothing.
These are some of the items donated.

What a great gift to give service to someone in need!
Another fabulous idea!

I had so much fun opening all the gifts that were donated on behalf of Pippa and myself.
Such a great feeling to give!

Thanks again Majda and Tallie for throwing the shower and your wonderful idea to donate.
I am glad I did not miss this one!
Thank you ladies for coming...I enjoyed it so much!

First Baby Gift

A huge thanks goes out to Lynnsey for the great baby gift.

I love handmade items and also vintage looking items.

She gave us some bibs, a hat and an outfit for our new little girl.

In addition, she was too sweet and thought about Paisley too.

She was gifted with 3 handmade headbands.

She loves them!

Thank you so much!

Paisley's First Hair Appointment

Saturday Paisley and I went to get our hair trimmed.

It was a fun girls day out.

She loved having her hair washed.

The little Diva had to sit under the blow dryer.

Love this girl!

Snow Days

Paisley bundled herself up with a little help from mom.  She was out in the snow before breakfast and before 8am.  She loved it.

We were lucky enough to get snow. 

After this she was too sick to go outside, but she did get some fun in.

I want to give a big thanks to Kyanne and Jeneva. 
They stayed with me most of the week and ended up taking care of Paisley during their snow days.
It is so nice to have a 10 year old and almost 16 years old niece. 

Great Support

Just wanted to thank everyone for such great support while George is in Hawaii.

We are doing great, but it is nice to know that so many people have asked if we needed anything and volunteered to help out while he is away.

It is a great peace to my mind and we are most definitely loved.

Thank you all.

3D Ultrasound-Pippa Place

We had our 32 week appointment and it was the 3D ultrasound.
Pippa is doing great.
She is weighing in at 5lbs and if we go full term she will be about 8lbs.
She is breech right now, but Dr. Garde is not worried because she still has time to turn.
No signs of going early yet, but then again we didn't have any signs for Paisley either.
The baby is sucking her thumb in the ultrasound pictures.

I can't wait to see what she is going to look like!!!

This and That...

We have not been up to a lot lately...here are the girls lounging around.

My new iPad cover came in...love the red leather.

Paisley enjoying playing Angry Birds on my iPad.  She can't get enough of it and she is pretty good.

Like I said, laying around...here is Abbey.

Paisley has had an upset tummy, but nothing major.

I love my mom...she gave me a bag full of these babies for Christmas...nothing better than chocolate and peanut butter and a diet pepsi too!

We have made a few trips to the donut house this last couple of weeks...not good...I know.

Paisley started swim lessons again...new teacher, new bathing suit and a new bathing cap.  She looks so cute.

I know...I have a problem...PediPed had a sale...so I picked these up for our new princess! 
They are so cute..especially the blue ones.

Life is good!