This and That...

We have not been up to a lot are the girls lounging around.

My new iPad cover came the red leather.

Paisley enjoying playing Angry Birds on my iPad.  She can't get enough of it and she is pretty good.

Like I said, laying is Abbey.

Paisley has had an upset tummy, but nothing major.

I love my mom...she gave me a bag full of these babies for Christmas...nothing better than chocolate and peanut butter and a diet pepsi too!

We have made a few trips to the donut house this last couple of weeks...not good...I know.

Paisley started swim lessons teacher, new bathing suit and a new bathing cap.  She looks so cute.

I know...I have a problem...PediPed had a I picked these up for our new princess! 
They are so cute..especially the blue ones.

Life is good!

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