George's Hawaii Trip

George had a great time in Hawaii with his dad and family.
Here is George's dads humble abode he is working on.
George helped him out while he was there.

George made it just in time for Chinese New Year and boy did they celebrate.
Here are the ducks that they killed and ate for the celebration.
George said it was an interesting exprience.

Paisley's coconut tree...3 years grown.
George and his dad planted it for her 1 year birthday celebration if you recall.

Of course, George went fishing!

Some of the family all together for a nice game of Mahjong and food.

George brought us back tons of goodies.
Paisley has a new saraong and some flower clips, in her favorite color of course.

New flip flops and crocs.

Chocolates for mom and new family flip flop stickers for the Tahoe.

A couple of new dresses for Paisley.

So glad to have George back!!!
We love him so much!

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