A Variety of Things

I think George was so nervous that I was having contractions while he was gone that the first day back he put the crib back together again. 

Friday night we went out to dinner as a family and stopped at the new toy store on Pioneer Way.
Paisley picked out an art kit.  She made a wand.

While daddy was gone we did lots of fun things...Paisley and I worked on puzzles.

Paisley drew on her art easel and made this picture of daddy as a welcome home sign.

Melissa helped me out Wednesday night by watching Paisley while I was at church taking care of 15 or so 12-13 year olds.  I did not want to drag her along, so Melissa watched her since everyone else was working or at church with me.
They had a blast-Thanks Melissa!!!
They watched Princess and the Frog and made yummy lemon, blueberry bread.
It was great!

Another picture of her working on her princess wand.

Saturday night Melissa and Kona came over for some dinner and some Mahjong.
We love to play, but you need another couple...so if anyone wants to play-let us know!
Had a great night.  Mom took Paisley Saturday too for a matinee movie and then dinner, so it was a nice adult night.

Have a great week.

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