Our New Ride

For months George and I have been talking about getting a larger vehicle since Paisley is growing so tall and her legs are so long that she can't fit comfortably in the truck or the BMW without causing pain to George or myself. So last Saturday we went shopping for a new ride.

We knew an idea of what we wanted, but when I saw this gem...I just had to have her.

2009 Chevrolet Tahoe!!!! It is such a smooth ride.

I love the color...Bermuda Blue. Looks a metallic grey at night.

Don't mind the dirt...we took it on our road trip and it was rainy, but a totally awesome and comfortable ride. We love it!!!

This is bitter sweet because I love my truck...which we still have...and the BMW...which we still have...yes, we are a car lot, but I also love that this baby is mine to drive!!!!

Black Friday Shopping

Ok, so I am a Black Friday Shopper...my good friend Amy and I go every year. We get up at 4 and get there by 5 a.m. It was worth it. We picked up tons of stuff. I was able to get all of my list done. I was prepared. We picked up these awesome pj sets, track suits and hoodies for $3.00 each. Too cheap to pass up.

We picked up some toys for Paisley's birthday and Christmas...not done yet, but a good start.

We picked up 3 sleds for when the snow comes...we are going sledding!!! Look out Tallie...we are going to be right behind you and Cowboy!!!!

Tons of fun and no one was hurt. Thanks Amy for such a great morning. Now off to the gym and then to take a nap with Paisley!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

We went to Belfair this year for Thanksgiving to be with George's mom and Papa Nick. The toddler proofing began with locks put on doors...thank you Papa Nick...and then a gate to the stairs. Paisley helped Papa Nick...little did she know it was not for her benefit....

Here is Paisley with her cousin Peyton.

Here is one of the cheesecakes George and I brought. This one is white chocolate macadamia nut and the other was pumpkin cheesecake. Yummy!!!!

Here we are stuffing our faces. We are so glad Melissa was able to come and enjoy the holiday with our family.

More stuffing of the faces...

Great time, great food, great company. Happy Thanksgiving.

Holiday Baking

We have begun our holiday baking. Paisley is my little helper. I am so ready and excited for this holiday season. I feel so good that is will be a good one. Happy Holidays to you all!!! Let the fun begin.

Costco Muffins

Last week my boss told me that she won the Costco muffin drawing and that we are getting muffins for the entire crew. She told me to put my buisness card in the bowl the next time I was at Costco to see if I could win one too.

Well, I did...and I threw George's in there too.

Guess who won!!! Not me....but George did. We get Costco muffins for the entire crew X2.

How funny!!!

30% Off at GAP

Starting today until the 15th GAP is doing 30% off and 5% of the amount you spend goes to charity. I have tons of coupon codes if needed. Kona hooked me up. Great way to get some Christmas shopping done.

Holiday Tradition-Disney On Ice

One of the Ewings family traditions is to go to Disney on Ice to begin our holiday season. They come to the Everett Event Center and to Key Arena in November. On Saturday we went to the Everett one...much easier to get too and much nicer. We went to see Cars, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and Tinkerbell. We had a blast!!!

We started our day by going to lunch and then headed to Disney on Ice.

Once we were there I told the girls they could get whatever they wanted. We go all out for this event. It really does begin our holiday season.

Here is Paisley with her Tinkerbell hat on.

Jeneva chose a snow cone....

Here is Kyanne and Jeneva.

Here is my cousin Jennifer with the Tinkerbell hat on.

Here is Lynnsey with a Tinkerbell hat on.

Paisley had so much fun. She was mesmorized by all the lights and colors.

Here is Paisley and me.

We saw Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Goofy.

Here is the Cars part....

Here is the Little Mermaid part...

Here is the Lion King part....

Intermission time. The man in the plaid is my brother Michael.

Jeneva again....finishing off her snow cone.

And Tinkerbell...

The show ended by bringing out Minnie and Mickey again.

Loads of fun...if you have never been to one...it is a must. Bring on the holidays!!!

Christine Update

So, many thanks for the prayers and thoughts for my sister. She did not have to go off island after all. They did a good job and she was released Saturday morning. She is at home resting. We are very relieved.

Lynnsey's Birthday Party

My cousin Jennifer's daughter Lynnsey had a birthday party this weekend. It was at the bouncy house. Paisley and Jeneva have never been there...they had a blast. Here is Paisley in the 3 and under room.

Here is Lynnsey stuck in the slide things.

Here is Jeneva with Caitlyn after a ride down the slide.

The too cool cake they had...it was a pirate themed birthday party.

Here is Jeneva and Paisley getting ready to go down the slide. For a two year old...Paisley has guts. She loved it...we had to pry her off of it.

Here is Lynnsey opening her gifts.

Paisley enjoyign her booty.

Very nice party and we had a fun time.

When it rains....it pours...More Prayers Needed

Ok, so I told you about my sister Christine having a gall bladder issue the day of the funeral. Well, it has progressed and she went under the knife yesterday to remove it. We must be over achievers in our family because it can't be a normal procedure that has been done hundreds of times it has to be complicated.

She could not have it removed laparoscopically because of a past car accident, so they did it the old fashion way...however it was the worst gall bladder the surgeon has ever seen and he is suppose to be one of the best. Can anyone say over achiever!!! So after many hours of surgery and a lot of worries...she was out, but they are not sure they got everything. Say what???? Not what you want to hear.

So she is resting over night and today we will know what is the next step...if they did not get it all she will be flown out to Everett or Seattle to have it done via a tube down her throat while she is awake...if they did get it all then she is on the mend...Wow...I know....long post.

Anyways, please keep her in your prayers. She is going to need it and we would appreciate it!!!

Christmas Pictures

A couple of weeks ago our good friend and great photographer Sarah Weibling came over and took our Christmas pictures. Here are two that I want to share with you all...just a teaser. I won't show you our Christmas card ones...you will have to wait and see those later...

Thanks Sarah...they are great!!!

What a week....Halloween & More

Where to begin...

I don't have a lot of pictures this week because quite frankly I was not in the mood and things were hectic. It began with the passing of Grandpa Shimel, then the week went South after that.

We had family coming in from South Dakota and Utah...there are a lot of us.

Then we had the funeral Friday afternoon which went really well except...my older sister Christine and her family missed most of the funeral. I was sitting in the pew thinking the worse of my sister...she is always a late person...low and behold she was in the emergency room with a gall bladder attack!!!! I had to repent for that one.

We took care of the girls all week so that mom could focus on Grandma and Christine. They did not release Christine until Sunday morning...she convinced them to not take out her gall bladder until after the 1st of the year when she has annual leave...go figure...they agreed.

So, Friday we went to the trunk or treat at the church....kind of disappointed not more people came and that many did not participate in the trunk or treat. Maybe times are changing...anyways we invited my cousin Jennifer and her family. Here is Paisley as an Ewok and here is Lynnsey as a pirate. There were a lot of great outfits. We had a nice time.

So, for Halloween we had Kona and his girlfriend Melissa over for a prime rib dinner followed by pumpkin pie and then a nite out trick or treating. We had a blast. This was Paisley's first year and she did so good!!!! Everyone thought Jeneva and Paisley were so cute that they were giving them handfuls of candy...go figure. Here is a picture of Jeneva as a girl ninja, Paisley as an Ewok and George as a psyco killer...

After all these festivities we were all pooped out, but onward upward...we went to church the next day and Paisley is so off her schedule...this picture shows it. Doesn't she looked wiped out.

Wow, just thinking back makes my head hurt. Of course more details went into all these events, but that can be left to the imagination. Many thanks to all those that helped us out and for all the warm wishes of sympathy. We are very blessed!