Buca di Beppo

We had two great Thanksgiving dinners with my family and then with George's family on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

We all met up Saturday at Buca di Beppo for some Italian dining.
I had never been there...it was really good.
Tons of food, fun and family.

Paisley enjoyed all the cousins to play with.

Notice the stains on her shirt...she enjoyed the food too.
She is standing in front of the Pope table.
It was so tacky...it had me laughing.

On our way home we did shome shopping.
George spoiled me with this new hot chocolate pot from William and Sonoma.
Love it!!! 

My main goal was to buy these stamps for my holiday baking. 
Can't wait!

Our oven pooped out Sunday. 
George impressed me again with his handyman skills and fixed it last night.
A gal really needs her oven.  Even though we were only down for 24 hours, it was not fun.
He picked up the part we needed from Broadview Appliance and installed it in a matter of minutes.
Love this man!

Paisley supervising as usual.

Fat Lip

Paisley and I love to watch Dancing with the Stars.
She loves to show me how she can do the dances too.
After she watched the Cha Cha...she decided to do her own Cha Cha.
She was doing really good until her face hit the couch and her tooth pierced her lip.
The result-a fat lip.

She was not a happy camper,
but was more upset that she could not finish her Cha Cha then her lip being puffy and bloody.
Needless to say, we did not get our Christmas card pictures done this weekend. 

Last Two Weeks

I did happen to take a few pictures these last two weeks.
Paisley was sick and she soaks it up just like her daddy. 

We painted toenails.

We baked cookies.

George had the opportunity to go with Jeneva to her Daddy/Grandpa/Uncle dinner.
They made "MANLOAF".  It was the hit of the party.
It is a stuffed meatloaf with braided bacon on top.

My house has remained uncleaned...I just can't keep up with it these days.

Had a great time going with 8 other gals to the Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie.
So much fun.  We had dinner, talked, laughed and I really enjoyed the movie.
Thanks Linda, Sarah, Amanda, Nerell, Holly, Tammy and Ciera!

For YW's we had a few girls honored for achieving their YW Medallion.
We were asked to wear ours. 
I have never taken them out of the box, so this was a first.
I explained to Paisley what they were..she loved them.

They only do one medallion these days, but in my days they gave a neclace for each level and then one at the very end.

We have definitely been up to more lately, but these are all the pictures that I have.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Christmas Card Stress

So, I have to vent this out to make me feel better. 

I usually have my Christmas cards in the mail by December 1st, but it does not look like that is going to happen. 

We have not even done our picture yet!!!

I have the stamps ordered, paper bought (as of today), newsletter half way done, Paisley's new dress is here, but wrinkled badly...I have to say...it is just not coming together easily this year.

To top it off...I have a cold sore now!

I toyed with not doing them this year, but I am going to persevere!!!

They may not be out by December 1st, but they will go out.

Ok, I feel better now.  Not really, but this helped.

November came quick...

We have been busy in the Place household. 
I have been extremely busy with church and my college class. 
I really enjoy this class, but it is tough.

Paisley is doing great in swimming, she has advanced to seahorse level now.
She had a tough teacher last session, we loved her!  She made Paisley do the things we know she could do.
Tough love works!
This session she has Holly again-we love Holly and she is also tough on Paisley.

We purchased this swim hat when her rubberband broke.  She loves it.

She is doing so well.

We can't get the Cinderella dress off of her.  Here she is on top of the baby clothes tubs that she was helping me go through for our new addition.

This is how I found her one morning, reading on the toilet like daddy does.  Too funny!

We took our yearly pilgrimage to Everett to watch Disney on Ice.
15 of us in all went and we had a great family fun.
This year was Toy Story 3.

All she wanted was cotton candy and it came with this hat. 

Here is the Barbie dance and it was the best really.

Well, November is not over...wish us luck!

Dr. Appointment

Went for my 22 week check up and was told by Dr. Garde that I am 24 weeks along...so we may be having a February baby afterall. 

As usual measuring ahead of schedule...I am actually measuring in at 29 weeks due to some fibroids, but all in all everything is great.  We are narrowing down the first name to Pippa or Penelope, however I am starting to like Poppy too...still working on the Hawaiian middle name. 

We'll keep you posted.  I promise it won't be a big secret!   

Cinderella Cinderella

We had a fabulous Halloween!

And we hope you all did too.

Here is Paisley waiting for kids to come to the door.

All dressed up. 
We had to put a shirt underneath because it was a little itchy with all the frills, lace and sparkles.

Cousin Jeneva came with us too.   She went as a colorful witch.

She had a crown, earrings, rings, etc.   Definitely blinged out.

Posing for the camera.

Too cute!

So ready to go.

She had glass slippers and all.  They lit up and were a big hit. 
Except they were a little big and kept falling off.

Sparkles everywhere in the house and the car. 
She was stylin for sure.

After 2 hours of walking around...We were beat.

Many thanks goes out to Grandma and Papa Nick for coming to Paisley's Primary Presentation and for spending the day with her Monday.  She had a blast!  We enjoyed spending time with you on Halloween as well.