November came quick...

We have been busy in the Place household. 
I have been extremely busy with church and my college class. 
I really enjoy this class, but it is tough.

Paisley is doing great in swimming, she has advanced to seahorse level now.
She had a tough teacher last session, we loved her!  She made Paisley do the things we know she could do.
Tough love works!
This session she has Holly again-we love Holly and she is also tough on Paisley.

We purchased this swim hat when her rubberband broke.  She loves it.

She is doing so well.

We can't get the Cinderella dress off of her.  Here she is on top of the baby clothes tubs that she was helping me go through for our new addition.

This is how I found her one morning, reading on the toilet like daddy does.  Too funny!

We took our yearly pilgrimage to Everett to watch Disney on Ice.
15 of us in all went and we had a great family fun.
This year was Toy Story 3.

All she wanted was cotton candy and it came with this hat. 

Here is the Barbie dance and it was the best really.

Well, November is not over...wish us luck!

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