Christmas 2009

We hope you all had a great Christmas. We sure did. Here a few pix....

This is what happens when you have 4 gifts left and you run out of Christmas wrapping paper. There was no way I was buying another roll...I broke out the birthday wrapping paper.

Christmas Eve the family came over and we made sugar cookies with my new jumbo cookie cutters. I have two now a reindeer and a snowman. They were so huge that you could only do one cookie at a time on the cookie sheet. Here are the girls decorating them.

Forgive my camera...I am getting a new one soon.

We also had snacks and watched a great movie called the Blind Side. Go see it...great movie. I also wanted to say many thanks to all the families that dropped by that night with plates full of goodies. We had at least 6 drop ins. We are so blessed...truly!!!

Here is our tree Christmas morning. George put together Paisley's trike the night before so she could get up and see it. She is not quite sure what to think.

She figured it out and we haven't been able to get her off since.

She is a pro at this gift thing.

Here she is multi girl....riding her trike and holding her new baby.

She has her own lap top now....maybe she will leave ours alone.

Thank you all for the awesome gifts. We love them all.
Note to Diana-not sure how you knew I wanted a wireless printer...I love it. Thanks so much!!!

Everyone enjoying the Christmas feast George prepared.

The last of the prime was good!!!

The last of the ham...very good too.

The awesome chocolate cake from Costco. If you have never ventured to try is a must.

Paisley and Jenvea playing with her new dress up stuff. Jeneva made her elf ears to boot.
Got to love these girls. I do!!!!

Mystic Tan-What was I thinking...

So, yesterday after we took down the Christmas tree and cleaned things up and put Paisley down for a nap I went to the gym and thought why don't I get a tan...I have been looking a little pale lately.

Before any of you tell me about skin cancer...I did the no UV kind....called Mystic Tan...the spray on tan.

First of all, I was very nervouse because of that episode on friends when Ross has one done and comes out way too tan because he didn't know how to count and turn. Love that episode...too funny.

Anyways, the machine is very easy and a nice ladies voice walks you through it. The gal at the salon gave me the lowest color choice to see how I liked it.

I have to say my skin is still smelly and my hands are orange and the bottom of my feet are stained from the color. Other than that I have a nice bronze to my legs, arms and some other places I won't mention. I am so glad my face came out least the rest I can cover up.

I have been exfoliating my hands all day to get the orange tinge from them. Why me...what was I thinking.

Anyways, if you would like to try it I bought a 3 pack pkg and have 2 left. Again...what was I thinking!!!

I know you are all probably laughing by this point...I wish I were!!!!

Oh to Seattle to pick up mom at midnight tonight....going to be a long night.

Merry Christmas

The Place Family would like to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas.
We are thankful for this season and for our saviour Jesus Christ.
We are so very blessed to know that He is the Reason for the Season.

Spiritually Fed

First of all I have to say I love the holiday season.

Second, I loved my calling in Primary, but I am being spiritually fed now that I am in Young Womens.

For those of you that are not LDS....Primary is working with children age 18 months to twelve years of age. Young Womens is the girls age 12-18. I am the advisor to the 16-18 year old gals.

Sunday was the first Sundays in a long time where I felt that I was spiritually fed. I attended a class called gospel doctrine and learned about the Pioneers trials...specifically the hand cart companies. Then I went to Young Womens and listened to a beautiful video called Christmas Bells Are Ringing.

I walked away from church filled with the spirit. It is a feeling that has carried with me all week so far. I hope it continues until next Sunday.

Big Holiday Weekend

Our weekend was so much fun. We began Friday night by going to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes. Tons of fun. We went to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Seattle too. Great night full of fun. I have a couple of pictures on my blackberry, but I haven't figured out how to get them off, so this will have to do.

Then Saturday morning we went to get our tree....I know....we are so behind. However, with a toddler and two dogs that are bored stiff right now a tree was not a good idea. So we took the nieces and Paisley to cut down a tree.

On the look out for the perfect tree.

Here is Paisley talking to Santa while sipping her cider.

They saw randolf the fake reindeer. Got to love it.

Then home to decorate.

Then Saturday afternoon Santa was at the Old Town Mall so we headed over there for Paisley's first picture with Santa. Jeneva and Kyanne came too.

While Paisley napped Jeneva and I snuck away to watch the new Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. It was really good.

Then we rested Sunday as it should be. I even took a nap...I never do that. Great holiday weekend.

Baby Back Ribs not Beef?

So, on the way to Seattle last night George explained to me that baby back ribs are not beef they are pork. In a previous e-mail I said they were beef and Kona and George had a good laugh. Apparantely I don't know my beef. At least someone is laughing.... :)

Spain or Bust

Mom left for Rhoda Spain early Sunday morning. She is going there for two weeks to visit my little sister Diana and her family. She will be there through Christmas. It is so odd not to have her around.

She has had a really hard trip thus far. I hope it is better now that she is in Spain. We Ewing's are not great flyers. Check out this story.

Her flight was at 8:30 a.m.
Delayed due to mechanical issues until 12:30 p.m.
Boarded and flew-knew there was a chance she would miss her connection in Philedelphia
As her plane landed her other one took off.
Next flight to Spain two days later.
The airlines put her up for two nights at the Hilton and gave her money for food...however she did not have any was on its way to Spain. Can you believe it.
So mom stayed in PA for two nights until the next flight. If it was me I would have went out and bought some new clothes to wear...but not my mom...she washed hers by hand in the hotel sink and dryed them by the heater. Classic. This is why we love her.
Any hu...she boarded her next flight and headed to Spain. It was a long trip, but at least she was safe and on her way.
She made it there and Diana has her in hand...but of course her luggage is lost and won't be in until a later flight.

What an adventure for her. She has never traveled farther than PA and usually in the company of someone else. She is brave to take this adventure. I hope it is worth it!!! Live it up in Spain mom. Love ya!

Happy 2nd Birthday Paisley Kaulehuapuakela Place!!!

Paisley turned 2 on Saturday. We invited all of our family to the Pizza Factory for some games, pizza and cake. They do a great party deal and have a room all for your party. George brought a bag full of quarters for everyone to play games. We all had a blast.

Paisley is very lucky to have a big family that loves her so much.

She made out like a bandit with toys galore.

Thanks a lot Aunt Christine for the drum set. Paybacks I guess.

The girls loved the carousel. Check them out.

Cookie Parties Galore...

I love the holidays. It is a great time to get together. We eat, bake cookies, we play games or just plain talk. We went to a dinner party Friday night at the Shelley's house and had a blast. We did a white elephant exchange and played some cards. Had a great time!!!

Then Saturday we were invited to Linda and Eric's house for a cookie exchange party. Due to Paisley's 2nd birthday we were not able to make it until late. I stopped by with my plate of cookies and stayed a little while to play a new dice game called Fargle?? Love it. I will have to play that again for sure.

Then I had a cookie party at Tallie's where a bunch of us girls baked and laughed and talked. Good time. Here are some of our cookies we made.

I had to take a picture of Tallie's tree it is done in black and white. Very chic. Even the wrapping was black and white.

Great times this weekend. Thanks to all for the invites. We loved them all!!!

Half of a Cow

This year George and I decided to purchase half of a cow from a friend at work. George picked up the 400lbs of meat on Saturday morning from the butcher. Needless to say the big freeze is full of steaks, roasts, ribs, hamburger, etc. It is a great deal and they package them per your family size. So for us they are in packs for 3. This should last us over a year.

The first cuts we ate were baby back ribs Sunday night. Paisley loved them as you can see below.

Only George would BBQ in 19 degree weather.

Picture Catch Up...

We have had a busy week and it began on is the table I decorated for our church ward party last Friday. My theme was Mele Kalikimaka. Many thanks goes out to those of you that gave me great ideas. I ended up going to Party City and getting these fun decorations. I had a blast doing it. Thanks for asking Alexis!

I took a picture of a friends table. It was gorgeous. Great job JD-her theme was Silver Bells.

The same night we were unable to attend the ward party because Jeneva was having her 8th birthday party at our house. We stuck around to help out. Tons of loud screaming 8 year old girls. Wow is all I have to say. Not sure that I am ready for that yet.

Jenevas theme was hair and make up. So my sister and Kyanne did all of the girls up with make up and hair. They looked great.

I worked on Christmas is my wood board set up.

George and I participate each year in the Tree of Hope program. It is a program where you buy gifts for children in need. We did a bike and some Transformers toys this year.

I can't believe she can sleep this way.

George's dad sent Paisley her Christmas gifts. Some really cute t-shirts and chocolate of course. She will have to share those with mommy and daddy.

Paisley's hair is long enought to be put in a pony tail and bun. Hurray!!! Love it!!!

She is so cute and the BIG TWO on Saturday!!!!