Spiritually Fed

First of all I have to say I love the holiday season.

Second, I loved my calling in Primary, but I am being spiritually fed now that I am in Young Womens.

For those of you that are not LDS....Primary is working with children age 18 months to twelve years of age. Young Womens is the girls age 12-18. I am the advisor to the 16-18 year old gals.

Sunday was the first Sundays in a long time where I felt that I was spiritually fed. I attended a class called gospel doctrine and learned about the Pioneers trials...specifically the hand cart companies. Then I went to Young Womens and listened to a beautiful video called Christmas Bells Are Ringing.

I walked away from church filled with the spirit. It is a feeling that has carried with me all week so far. I hope it continues until next Sunday.

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  1. I always enjoyed being in Young Womens..I think I'm getting a calling..but with the 4 year olds!! Yikes! Anyway I got those Paisley pants at the thrift store or atleast my mom did. I also found this cute pink paisley dress at the goodwill in Seattle. Its hard to find the print in stores. I haven't seen it too often. Have a Merry Christmas!