Cookie Parties Galore...

I love the holidays. It is a great time to get together. We eat, bake cookies, we play games or just plain talk. We went to a dinner party Friday night at the Shelley's house and had a blast. We did a white elephant exchange and played some cards. Had a great time!!!

Then Saturday we were invited to Linda and Eric's house for a cookie exchange party. Due to Paisley's 2nd birthday we were not able to make it until late. I stopped by with my plate of cookies and stayed a little while to play a new dice game called Fargle?? Love it. I will have to play that again for sure.

Then I had a cookie party at Tallie's where a bunch of us girls baked and laughed and talked. Good time. Here are some of our cookies we made.

I had to take a picture of Tallie's tree it is done in black and white. Very chic. Even the wrapping was black and white.

Great times this weekend. Thanks to all for the invites. We loved them all!!!

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