Spain or Bust

Mom left for Rhoda Spain early Sunday morning. She is going there for two weeks to visit my little sister Diana and her family. She will be there through Christmas. It is so odd not to have her around.

She has had a really hard trip thus far. I hope it is better now that she is in Spain. We Ewing's are not great flyers. Check out this story.

Her flight was at 8:30 a.m.
Delayed due to mechanical issues until 12:30 p.m.
Boarded and flew-knew there was a chance she would miss her connection in Philedelphia
As her plane landed her other one took off.
Next flight to Spain two days later.
The airlines put her up for two nights at the Hilton and gave her money for food...however she did not have any was on its way to Spain. Can you believe it.
So mom stayed in PA for two nights until the next flight. If it was me I would have went out and bought some new clothes to wear...but not my mom...she washed hers by hand in the hotel sink and dryed them by the heater. Classic. This is why we love her.
Any hu...she boarded her next flight and headed to Spain. It was a long trip, but at least she was safe and on her way.
She made it there and Diana has her in hand...but of course her luggage is lost and won't be in until a later flight.

What an adventure for her. She has never traveled farther than PA and usually in the company of someone else. She is brave to take this adventure. I hope it is worth it!!! Live it up in Spain mom. Love ya!

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