Mystic Tan-What was I thinking...

So, yesterday after we took down the Christmas tree and cleaned things up and put Paisley down for a nap I went to the gym and thought why don't I get a tan...I have been looking a little pale lately.

Before any of you tell me about skin cancer...I did the no UV kind....called Mystic Tan...the spray on tan.

First of all, I was very nervouse because of that episode on friends when Ross has one done and comes out way too tan because he didn't know how to count and turn. Love that episode...too funny.

Anyways, the machine is very easy and a nice ladies voice walks you through it. The gal at the salon gave me the lowest color choice to see how I liked it.

I have to say my skin is still smelly and my hands are orange and the bottom of my feet are stained from the color. Other than that I have a nice bronze to my legs, arms and some other places I won't mention. I am so glad my face came out least the rest I can cover up.

I have been exfoliating my hands all day to get the orange tinge from them. Why me...what was I thinking.

Anyways, if you would like to try it I bought a 3 pack pkg and have 2 left. Again...what was I thinking!!!

I know you are all probably laughing by this point...I wish I were!!!!

Oh to Seattle to pick up mom at midnight tonight....going to be a long night.


  1. I have seen a few people who have had good results, Amanda got it the day before the wedding and it came out a nice light tan. Its so hard to not want some kind of color during the winter. Josh likes to remind me of how tan I was after we moved back from Texas..Hello, I swam every day and now I live in the PNW!! Good luck with your exfoliating, and I bet it doesn't look THAT bad! :)

  2. SO I love it and I did laugh a little. But my hats off to you. I have never been brave to do it. I am not sure I would know what to do with a tan!