She did it!!!

We have been encouraging Paisley to use the potty and she finally did it twice yesterday. We were so excited and cheering her on. I even have pictures, but I didn't think it would be appropriate to post them here. We are on our way!!! Any advice...we would love to hear it.

Another Busy, but Fun Week

The summer is already starting out busy...last Wedensday we went up to the cabin for the day to spend time with George's mom. We enjoyed a great lunch and watched as a group of sail boats went by the front of the cabin among hundreds of other boats. The weather was beautiful to boot.

Then on Thursday, we went took the girls to the farmers market for some kettle corn and squeaky cheese. Both Paisley and Jeneva have never had squeaky cheese...they loved it. We could not pry it from their little hands.

Then Paisley decided to mow the law...yes...this is another acquistion from the trash. Needless to say, she loves it. I even get my living room floor mowed occasionally.

Then on Friday we had the opportunity of attending a graduation party for Callum Strong. We had a blast. It was nice sitting around talking and Paisley played with all of the kids. It is really nice to have such great friends to spend time with.
On Saturday, we were invited over to some friends house for a BBQ and game night. That was a great time too.
Saturday was also my other brothers birthday...he turned 28. We took Steven and George to dinner for Father's Day. Steven is so great with Paisley. Here he is giving me a break to eat by entertaining Paisley.

I made Steven a birthday cake too.

Here he is blowing out the candles.

Then on Sunday we made beneighs. They are little fried donut things covered in powdered sugar. My friend from work brought me back a box from New Orleans. If you have ever been to New Orleans, you know these are great.
When George and I went to New Orleans a few years back for a work conference we had the opportunity of going to Cafe Du Monde. It is a famous eatery in New Orleans. You go in there and order up a few beneighs with a large glass of milk right on the water front of the Mississippi River. Fond memories we have. I have pictures too, but not digital if you want to see them. We even did an airboat swamp tour and saw tons of gators!!! George even got to hold one. I have a picture of that too.

On Sunday Paisley and I made George an omelet with Italian sausage and feta cheese for breakfast and gave him his presents before we headed off to church. After church we enjoyed a relaxing Father's Day at home.
I included this picture below...she is so cute in her Hawaiian clothes. I am glad it is Summer, she
has a lot of Hawaiian clothes to wear.

Latter Day Saints Night at Safeco

George's cousin sent me a flyer about the LDS Night at Safeco.

It is July 7th. Sounds like a lot of fun and the tickets are only $11.00. We plan on going...if anyone wants to join us we can all go together and sit together. Let me know.

Groups of 40 or more will have their ward name displayed on the scoreboard during the game and receive two additional complimentary tickets along with the group. Let's fill the seats!!!

Go to for more details. They are also giving away a free cap or t-shirt that night per entrance.

Paisley Shower Curtain

Ok, if naming my child Paisley did not show you how much I love the paisley print, then this will. I found this paisley printed shower curtain. I love it!!!! It is so much better looking in person than in this picture.

Disneyland Pictures

Some of my family went to Disneyland last week for the week. They drove down and went to the two Disneyland Parks for 3 days. Paisley is still too young to go. We have decided 5 would be a good age to take her. We are a Disney Family. We absolutely love it there. Well worth the money. Here are a few pictures that the family took that I thought were great.

Here is Kyanne and Jeneva with their dad Thomas.

Kyanne and Jeneva again.

Here they are racing in a car.

With good old Mickey.

Girls again with their dad.

My mom went too, but like me she does not like to get photographed. My sister went and my brother Michael too. They all had a good time. I am glad to have them back.

I Totally Recommend These...

George and I have been thinking about getting these two things for months now. We finally bit the bullet and ordered them up. Target had a 25% off sale and free shipping, so we took advantage of it.

Before this toy bin holder we were using laundry baskets...not so attractive as this cute thing is. Love it and Paisley can see all her toys better. It is very sturdy and does not tip over.

We needed a little table and chairs for Paisley when she colors and has snacks. Here is Jeneva and Paisley coloring. Or should I say Jeneva coloring and Paisley eating the crayons while I am telling her not too.

Once again, very sturdy and wipes off clean every time. Paisley seems to enjoy them too.

Paisley's Purses

You all know Paisley loves shoes, but she also loves purses. Recently Paisley's grandma Lestenkof when to Korea and China and brought Paisley and myself back one of these cute purses. She carries it around the house with her often.

Grandma Ewing just went to Disneyland and brought her back this pretty purse too. It has Minnie on it. Kyanne decided she needed some big sunglasses to spice her up. So there you go.

What a week...

We had a busy week last week....hopefully this week will be quiet.

The week started out on Thursday taking my cousin Jason out to dinner while he was in town doing his Navy reserve duties. He is 25 and a really sweet man. My cousin Jennifer and my brother Steven joined George, Jason and I for dinner. It was fun having all the cousins together around the dinner table.

Then Friday we were invited over to our good friends Tony and Tallie's house for a graduation party. Tallie just graduated with a 4.0 and her bachelors degree in buisness administration from Chapman College. Here she is at her graduation. We are so proud of you Tallie!

We had so much fun hanging out with friends from work. We were only going to stay an hour or so, but we ended up staying for like 3.5 hours!!! When time flies like that you know you are having a good time. We laughed so much my cheeks hurt.

Then Saturday I had the Primary Quarterly Activity from 10-noon. It was a lot of fun and I am so thankful everyone showed up and did such a great job for the kids. If any of you are reading this...thanks again for all your efforts.

After the Primary Quarterly Activity I hit a couple of garage sales and walked away with a new jacket, dress and sweatshirt for Paisley. I also found the cutest dresses for Linda Johnston's little lady too. One even had a bandana headband and it was red with polka will have to ask her to see is sooooo cute.

Then after the garage sales Paisley and I made 70 bags of popcorn for my lesson on Sunday. Paisley ate a lot of popcorn while I popped a lot of popcorn!!! She loves the stuff.

Then after all of that our neighbor across the street which also happens to be Dr. Dawn and her Hawaiian husband invited all the neighbors over for an imprompto fish fry at 7pm. It was a little late for us, but we decided to make an appearance because it was so nice of them to ask us over. In addition to asking us over for dinner...George and the husband started talking about fish and he took George into his garage where he proceeded to give George tons of frozen fish that he has caught over the year. He is an avid fisherman like George. I am not a big fish person, but to George this was heaven. He gave him salmon, halibut, lincott and a few others that I can't even remember what they were called. Did I mention George was in heaven!!!

There again we only wanted to say hi, but we stayed for like 2 hours!!! The fish was fabulous and we were able to meet all the neighbors that we did not know. They are a great group of people. We really have a nice neighborhood...that will be a sad part about leaving when we finally sell the house.

Sunday was Paisleys first day in nursery at church. For the special occasion I had picked her out a first day of nursery dress from Pottery Barn Kids. She looked absolutely lovely in it. Word to the wise...don't buy dresses that you have to button up down the back. I had to chase Paisley all around the house trying to button 12 buttons. Whew! I was sweating.

I just love her to pieces.

Then after church we had the family over for dinner. It was Michael's 25th birthday on Friday, so we celebrated. Here is the monster himself. It is nice having the family back. They went to Disneyland this week. We really missed them all.

Yes, more cake!!!

And that about wraps up our busy week.

Save The Date-Pampered Chef Party

Hi All,
I am hosting a pampered chef party on Thursday, July 9th.
My house...6:30 p.m.
Everyone is invited. Save The Date!
If anyone knows know I throw a good party.
There will tons of food and the theme is Chocolate Bliss!!!

House Selling Update

Well, I was told that the market would pick up in the Summer and it sure has. We had 3 walk throughs last week and 2 every week for the last few weeks. That is really great! No offers yet, but keep your fingers crossed.

We really need more space, however...not sure that we want a bigger house payment. We bought our current house about 6 years ago when the market was really down and we only pay $700.00. You can't even rent for that.

I guess it is the price you have to pay. Anyways, I just wanted to add that there is one other nice perk to house selling. My house is continually clean...just in case we have a looker and get that call from Nerell that they want to see it in an hour...sometimes 15 minutes!!!! Yikes. Those are the scary ones.

Anyho...thanks Nerell for all you do for us. You are a great agent and friend!

For the rest of you...if you know anyone that is looking...send them our way. We are still asking $210,000.00. You can't beat the interest rates. They hit 4.375% last week!

Paisley's New Pool

Since is was 82 degrees yesterday, we decided to get Paisley a pool. She loved it! Here she is playing with the water sprays and here is a little video.

I have to add in that Paisley has many many swim suits, but George said she did not need it, so there you go.

I hope you all had a great day in the sun like we did!

Little Tikes Spokesperson

It is official we need to be the official spokesperson for Little Tikes. We were given two more pieces for Paisley this week from a friend at work. Here they are...our backyard looks like a playground now full of all of these toys!!!

She loves her shoes...

I found Paisley in her room the other day trying on all of her shoes. A girl through and through.

Pretty Toes

Paisley and I have matching toes. We were outside a couple of days ago and I was painting my nails. She sat down and wiggled her toes that she wanted them painted too. So we did and now we both have beautiful toes. George just shook his head at us. It is so much fun having a girl!!!

Congrats Akiona Family!!!

We have two new members to our ever expanding Hawaiian Ohana. Manoa had her twins and we want to wish her a big CONGRATS!

Kira Susie Kauanoeomanoa Setsu & Patrick Lee Kalaniopu'u Kohei Akiona entered the world on May 13th. Weighing in at 5lbs & 5lbs 5oz respectively. Kira was 18 1/2 inches and Patrick was 17 1/2 inches.

We loved the birth announcement too. We love you all!!!

Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day weekend was busy for the Place Family. So, Memorial Day was even better when we just relaxed all day. We took Paisley and our cousin Linnsey to the park and they enjoyed themselves a little too much, we had to drag them back home. I love the last picture. They are too cute.

Garage Sale Find

I really enjoy garage sales. I had an hour or two to burn Saturday morning and went out to see what I can find. I hit a garage sale close to home first and found tons of brand name baby girl clothes in Paisley's size and up. I picked those up and then headed to some others.

Paisley has been needing a new life vest for the boat, the baby one is a little snug, so I stopped and saw a bunch of fishing and boat stuff. That is where I found this Barbie life vest almost brand new and only $1.00. Can you believe it!!!! I picked it up and headed home to show George my great find. That made my day!

We put her in it and gave her a fishing pole to play with and it kept her entertained for an hour. Check her out.

I can't wait to see what I find next weekend.

May Birthdays

May and June are busy for us. We have 3 family birthdays each month. We start out with George turning 33. We made him shish kabobs for dinner and mom and the girls made him a german chocolate cake.

Then my older sister Christine's 34th birthday in which we had lasagna and a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting-it was very good mom!

Then Kyanne turned the big 13. For her birthday present I told her that I would take two friends and herself to dinner anywhere they wanted and then to a movie of their choice on Friday.
We ended up going to Red Robin and then to see the new movie out called UP. They had a blast and the movie was really funny. My sister Christine (Kyanne's mom) and I enjoyed ourselves too. I am not ready for teenage girls yet though. They wear you out.

Then after church Sunday (Kyanne's actual birthday) we got together to have pulled pork sandwiches and ice cream cake.

So, as you can see we are full of cake and ready for the next 3 birthdays in June!!!