What a week...

We had a busy week last week....hopefully this week will be quiet.

The week started out on Thursday taking my cousin Jason out to dinner while he was in town doing his Navy reserve duties. He is 25 and a really sweet man. My cousin Jennifer and my brother Steven joined George, Jason and I for dinner. It was fun having all the cousins together around the dinner table.

Then Friday we were invited over to our good friends Tony and Tallie's house for a graduation party. Tallie just graduated with a 4.0 and her bachelors degree in buisness administration from Chapman College. Here she is at her graduation. We are so proud of you Tallie!

We had so much fun hanging out with friends from work. We were only going to stay an hour or so, but we ended up staying for like 3.5 hours!!! When time flies like that you know you are having a good time. We laughed so much my cheeks hurt.

Then Saturday I had the Primary Quarterly Activity from 10-noon. It was a lot of fun and I am so thankful everyone showed up and did such a great job for the kids. If any of you are reading this...thanks again for all your efforts.

After the Primary Quarterly Activity I hit a couple of garage sales and walked away with a new jacket, dress and sweatshirt for Paisley. I also found the cutest dresses for Linda Johnston's little lady too. One even had a bandana headband and it was red with polka dots...love it...you will have to ask her to see it...it is sooooo cute.

Then after the garage sales Paisley and I made 70 bags of popcorn for my lesson on Sunday. Paisley ate a lot of popcorn while I popped a lot of popcorn!!! She loves the stuff.

Then after all of that our neighbor across the street which also happens to be Dr. Dawn and her Hawaiian husband invited all the neighbors over for an imprompto fish fry at 7pm. It was a little late for us, but we decided to make an appearance because it was so nice of them to ask us over. In addition to asking us over for dinner...George and the husband started talking about fish and he took George into his garage where he proceeded to give George tons of frozen fish that he has caught over the year. He is an avid fisherman like George. I am not a big fish person, but to George this was heaven. He gave him salmon, halibut, lincott and a few others that I can't even remember what they were called. Did I mention George was in heaven!!!

There again we only wanted to say hi, but we stayed for like 2 hours!!! The fish was fabulous and we were able to meet all the neighbors that we did not know. They are a great group of people. We really have a nice neighborhood...that will be a sad part about leaving when we finally sell the house.

Sunday was Paisleys first day in nursery at church. For the special occasion I had picked her out a first day of nursery dress from Pottery Barn Kids. She looked absolutely lovely in it. Word to the wise...don't buy dresses that you have to button up down the back. I had to chase Paisley all around the house trying to button 12 buttons. Whew! I was sweating.

I just love her to pieces.

Then after church we had the family over for dinner. It was Michael's 25th birthday on Friday, so we celebrated. Here is the monster himself. It is nice having the family back. They went to Disneyland this week. We really missed them all.

Yes, more cake!!!

And that about wraps up our busy week.

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