Another Busy, but Fun Week

The summer is already starting out busy...last Wedensday we went up to the cabin for the day to spend time with George's mom. We enjoyed a great lunch and watched as a group of sail boats went by the front of the cabin among hundreds of other boats. The weather was beautiful to boot.

Then on Thursday, we went took the girls to the farmers market for some kettle corn and squeaky cheese. Both Paisley and Jeneva have never had squeaky cheese...they loved it. We could not pry it from their little hands.

Then Paisley decided to mow the law...yes...this is another acquistion from the trash. Needless to say, she loves it. I even get my living room floor mowed occasionally.

Then on Friday we had the opportunity of attending a graduation party for Callum Strong. We had a blast. It was nice sitting around talking and Paisley played with all of the kids. It is really nice to have such great friends to spend time with.
On Saturday, we were invited over to some friends house for a BBQ and game night. That was a great time too.
Saturday was also my other brothers birthday...he turned 28. We took Steven and George to dinner for Father's Day. Steven is so great with Paisley. Here he is giving me a break to eat by entertaining Paisley.

I made Steven a birthday cake too.

Here he is blowing out the candles.

Then on Sunday we made beneighs. They are little fried donut things covered in powdered sugar. My friend from work brought me back a box from New Orleans. If you have ever been to New Orleans, you know these are great.
When George and I went to New Orleans a few years back for a work conference we had the opportunity of going to Cafe Du Monde. It is a famous eatery in New Orleans. You go in there and order up a few beneighs with a large glass of milk right on the water front of the Mississippi River. Fond memories we have. I have pictures too, but not digital if you want to see them. We even did an airboat swamp tour and saw tons of gators!!! George even got to hold one. I have a picture of that too.

On Sunday Paisley and I made George an omelet with Italian sausage and feta cheese for breakfast and gave him his presents before we headed off to church. After church we enjoyed a relaxing Father's Day at home.
I included this picture below...she is so cute in her Hawaiian clothes. I am glad it is Summer, she
has a lot of Hawaiian clothes to wear.

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