Garage Sale Find

I really enjoy garage sales. I had an hour or two to burn Saturday morning and went out to see what I can find. I hit a garage sale close to home first and found tons of brand name baby girl clothes in Paisley's size and up. I picked those up and then headed to some others.

Paisley has been needing a new life vest for the boat, the baby one is a little snug, so I stopped and saw a bunch of fishing and boat stuff. That is where I found this Barbie life vest almost brand new and only $1.00. Can you believe it!!!! I picked it up and headed home to show George my great find. That made my day!

We put her in it and gave her a fishing pole to play with and it kept her entertained for an hour. Check her out.

I can't wait to see what I find next weekend.


  1. I'll go with you sometime!

  2. ok it official, you are so taking me garage sale-ing!