Life Jacket Safety

Life jacket safety was last night. 
They put the kids on a boat and they had a blast!

She had so much fun!!

They pushed them back and forth in the kiddie pool.
Look at that face.  Priceless! 

She didn't want to get off.

Easter 2011

We had a wonderful Easter Holiday.

Paisley's favorite color is green right now, so I found her this cute green dress!

Come on mom...that is what she is thinking...I just know it.

Easter egg hunt Saturday morning.  Fun time!

Uncle Kona and daddy "checking" the candy to make sure it is ok for Paisley to eat.

Enjoying some laughs.

Paisley and her bestest friend Amira.  They are becoming such young ladies.  I can't wait to see them grow up together. 

Paisley found her Easter basket.  She loves bubbles!!!
After church we went to moms house for Easter dinner. 

We did not have a chance to dye we did it then.

Uncle George helping Jeneva.

Her fingers are still pink today!

We are so thankful for family and friends.
We are so thankful for the atonement of Jesus Christ.
We hope you all had a great Easter weekend.

Next up...Tulip field pictures.

Sand Box Time!!!

George filled up Paisley's sandbox for the first time last week.  He bought her toys and...

She has been in the sand everyday she can. 

It makes her so happy. 

Fishing Practice

Opening Day Fishing is this weekend.  Last week I came home to George and Paisley practicing their casting skills.

We are ready now!

Nice Week

We had a nice week last week. 
Quiet and we were able to get a lot done.

A friend from work gave Paisley this blue horse.  It is a bouncy horse.  It goes everywhere with her.  George even buckled it in the car on the way to Aunt Christine's house.  Unfortunately, we can not bring horsey over to Aunt Christine's house anymore because Daisy (their dog) thinks it is competition and barks at it all day.

 Swimming is going well. 
 I believe Paisley might just pass Tadpoles this time around. 
She loves picking on her teachers Holly and Brett. 

I took my midterm Friday afternoon and did fabulous!

Went to the temple Saturday and had a great day. 
I have the best husband!
He encouraged me to take as long as I needed.  
There was just two of us that ended up going.
It was nice talking with the mom of my best friend from grade school.  
Sister Lantz is the best and always has been.

Last, but not least we bought our plane tickets to Spain!!!!!
Only 6 more weeks.


Kona is the Best

I forgot to mention that Kona is a genius.  If you remember a couple posts ago our big 50" t.v. in the living room that was only about 5 years old died.  I was not a happy camper. 
Kona in all his brilliance fixed it for us. 
All we had to do was get one part and he did it!  Amazing! 
Thank you brother-in-law.  We love you!

Now, what are we going to do with an extra t.v.?????

I am back...

I ran out of room in the picture storage and did not have time to figure it out.  I wasn't slacking....I had a valid excuse.
Anyways, this is what we have been up too.  Yes, reading massive amounts of history books for class.  Midterm this Friday!!!!

We purchases a new dryer and washer.  Love them! 

I told Paisley it was cold outside and this is her solution.

Found this cool new product.  It was easy to use and tasted good.

Paisley enjoying a beehive cupcake.

Giving Abbey some love.

We took advantage of the sun.  I tried to tell her to put shoes on, but I was denied.  A true Hawaiian.

Daddy helping Paisley roller skate.

Paint is Paisley's favorite thing right now.  She is really good.

I found white shoes for Easter and picked up the same pair in black.  I love pediped.

Found two paisley print dresses.

Walked my first 5K on Saturday.  Had a great time.

I am sure there is more, but after 2 or 3 weeks I can't remember it all.