Nice Week

We had a nice week last week. 
Quiet and we were able to get a lot done.

A friend from work gave Paisley this blue horse.  It is a bouncy horse.  It goes everywhere with her.  George even buckled it in the car on the way to Aunt Christine's house.  Unfortunately, we can not bring horsey over to Aunt Christine's house anymore because Daisy (their dog) thinks it is competition and barks at it all day.

 Swimming is going well. 
 I believe Paisley might just pass Tadpoles this time around. 
She loves picking on her teachers Holly and Brett. 

I took my midterm Friday afternoon and did fabulous!

Went to the temple Saturday and had a great day. 
I have the best husband!
He encouraged me to take as long as I needed.  
There was just two of us that ended up going.
It was nice talking with the mom of my best friend from grade school.  
Sister Lantz is the best and always has been.

Last, but not least we bought our plane tickets to Spain!!!!!
Only 6 more weeks.


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