Christmas 2011

We had a fabulous Christmas Holiday.  It began Saturday night when we went to my moms for Christmas Eve festivities.  I love this picture of my brother Michael, Paisley and Jeneva.

Paisley was spoiled as usual.
Many thanks to those that sent gifts for Paisley to open as well.
She loved them all!

Michael helping Jeneva with her new guitar.

Stocking stuffers...all that a girl needs!  Nail polish, lip gloss, Minnie t-shirt, chocolate, etc.

Christmas morning we gave Paisley her new kitchen complete with food, cookware and of course a chef apron and hat.
She loved it!
George also picked her up a LeapFrog game thing. 

Here she is playing away before we needed to catch the ferry to Grandma and Papa Nicks house.

I had 3 favorite gifts this year.  A digital picture frame for my office.  I do not have one and always wanted one.
My mom must have known.

For Jeneva's birthday we gave her a crochet kit and she made the new baby a hat. 
I absolutely love it!

I didn't know what to ask Santa for this year because I am so blessed, but I did mention an iPad 2 to he gave me an iPad2.  I have played with it now for a day or so and I do like it.  Nice and portable.

Christmas day we headed to grandma and Papa's house to spend a couple of days with them.
Here we are opening more presents.

Paisley was our little helper.  Here she is picking on Uncle Koni.

She loves her dress, slippers and accessories so much. 
She is still wearing them all daily.

Waiting for the ferry on our ride home.

We had a great Christmas and hope you all did too.
We are so lucky to be surrounded by friends and family that love us!
Many thanks to you all and Happy New Year.

Christmas Picture

I have had a long month and we did not have a chance to call up Sarah for our annual Christmas pictures.
So, we did them ourselves.  Not great, but they will work.
Here is our little lady waiting patiently for daddy to shave and do his hair.

She is so done!

Jeneva was our photographer.  She did a great job.

Paisley has a new best friend at school.  Her name is June.
June wears Paisley now wears headbands.
June also wears skirts with we have our new skirts on order.
I was so proud of her...she used her $5.00 birthday gift to buy her own headbands.
She is growing up!

This is not the picture we used, but it is one of my favorites.  I love this girl.  Poor George looks so left out.
He says this next baby is his...

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Our cards will be in the mail look out for them!

Jeneva Musical and Santa Pictures

We had the opportunity to go to Jeneva's concert and we loved it.

Afterwards, we took Paisley to her last swim lesson of the quarter and she passed!!!

She is now a turtle...only took two times this time.

Don't mind the goofy face...she was SO EXCITED to talk to Santa...she was bubbling over with joy.

She asked for a roller coaster.   Go figure.

We went to Santa's Village and saw all of the animals.

Catching up...keep reading.

Christmas Tree Drama

So, we waited too long to get our fresh cut tree and they were all out by the time we were ready to get ours.
We called up Tallie and she saved our bacon.
Tallie has multiple trees and she loaned us this one.

Here we are putting it together.

Notice we put a layer on the wrong level, but before we noticed it was decorated...oh well...such is life.

Thanks again Tallie for saving our are a great friend!

I am a lucky Mommy!

I can't tell you how much I love the Montessori School. 

Paisley is doing so well and she is thriving!

She came home with a couple of gifts for mommy.

She made this candle for me at school.

I know many of you have multiple children and have received many a hand made gift,
but this is my first and I love them so much!

She also made me a stocking with her name on it.

Love it!


My famous is to die for.  Too bad I am having trouble with chocolate right now!

Paisley and I made sugar cookies with my new roller-it worked perfectly!
We also have two extra large cookie cutter and we made jumbo sugar cookies for friends.

She is such a good helper.

Here are my reindeer cookies for a cookie party we are going to tonight.

So easy , So cute and So fun!

Paisley's 4th Birthday

The day began with cousin Lynnsey coming over to play.

Paisley was given the choice of her cake and that set our Priness theme in motion.

She loved it!

We had the entire family over for dinner, cake & ice cream and presents.
She loved it!

Grandma gave her a wand and beautiful wings. 
She went around the following day turning mom and dad into various things. 

Uncle Koni and Melissa gave her an art easel.  Great idea!

Paisley had two big gifts, so we had her turn around as we wheeled them in.

The first from mom and dad...a 3 story doll house.  She loved it!
It took George a few days to put it together.

Grandma Ewing bought her this princess car.  She loved it too! 

My mini me.  She found a pair of my glasses and tried them on.

Her Aunt Christine gave her some fun toys to play with. 
The cow poops out candy...go figure.

Before church...painting away...

After church..driving away...

She was given a pirate toy and took off the eye patch and decided to wear it herself. 
She went around the house talking like a pirate.

All ready for school today...she turned the big 4!!!
We were going to take her out today and do something fun, but she did not want too.
She wanted to go to school.
They are doing a celebration for her today and she was able to bring in a special snack.
After work she gets to pick out her birthday dinner...she chose McDonalds...what can I say...easy to please.

Happy Birthday Paisley!!!

You are our pride and joy. 
I know big things are going to come your way.