Christmas Picture

I have had a long month and we did not have a chance to call up Sarah for our annual Christmas pictures.
So, we did them ourselves.  Not great, but they will work.
Here is our little lady waiting patiently for daddy to shave and do his hair.

She is so done!

Jeneva was our photographer.  She did a great job.

Paisley has a new best friend at school.  Her name is June.
June wears Paisley now wears headbands.
June also wears skirts with we have our new skirts on order.
I was so proud of her...she used her $5.00 birthday gift to buy her own headbands.
She is growing up!

This is not the picture we used, but it is one of my favorites.  I love this girl.  Poor George looks so left out.
He says this next baby is his...

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Our cards will be in the mail look out for them!

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