Paisley's 4th Birthday

The day began with cousin Lynnsey coming over to play.

Paisley was given the choice of her cake and that set our Priness theme in motion.

She loved it!

We had the entire family over for dinner, cake & ice cream and presents.
She loved it!

Grandma gave her a wand and beautiful wings. 
She went around the following day turning mom and dad into various things. 

Uncle Koni and Melissa gave her an art easel.  Great idea!

Paisley had two big gifts, so we had her turn around as we wheeled them in.

The first from mom and dad...a 3 story doll house.  She loved it!
It took George a few days to put it together.

Grandma Ewing bought her this princess car.  She loved it too! 

My mini me.  She found a pair of my glasses and tried them on.

Her Aunt Christine gave her some fun toys to play with. 
The cow poops out candy...go figure.

Before church...painting away...

After church..driving away...

She was given a pirate toy and took off the eye patch and decided to wear it herself. 
She went around the house talking like a pirate.

All ready for school today...she turned the big 4!!!
We were going to take her out today and do something fun, but she did not want too.
She wanted to go to school.
They are doing a celebration for her today and she was able to bring in a special snack.
After work she gets to pick out her birthday dinner...she chose McDonalds...what can I say...easy to please.

Happy Birthday Paisley!!!

You are our pride and joy. 
I know big things are going to come your way.

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