Last Weekend...

This is how Paisley came home day 2 of Montessori School.  She loves it so much! 
We are so happy and she is so happy. 
The teacher says she has a fabulous vocabulary and she count really well for her age.

Later that day we went out to moms for a GIRLS NIGHT! 

Saturday began with Paisley and me going shopping in Burlington.  We picked up a few goodies.
We came home and later Saturday day night George and I went out with 3 other couples to Anthony's for our annual Christmas Dinner.  It was really nice and good food.

This is really dark...I apologize.
Paisley's nightly job is to turn on the Christmas lights. 

Next weekend, we will put up our tree.

I ordered personalized pacifiers again and they came in...Pippa is the name we have picked for our new princess.

Our new favorite muffins from Costco are the pumpkin ones. 

Another new favorite is Glade candles-holiday baking scent.

Our Christmas shower curtain came in complete with matching hooks.

Yes, I have not made any progress on my Christmas cards and newsletter.  Maybe this weekend.

George and I participate in the Tree of Hope program each year.  We had 17 year old twins to buy for so we went down to Safeway and picked up a few Old Navy and Best Buy gift cards so they can choose what they want.  In addition, we get the fuel points and the $10 coupon x 2.  Works for us.

I have been a studying maniac. 
I have two more weeks and then I am done with this class. 
It has been interesting, but hard. 
Senior level is not a great thing when you are pregnant and busy.

Yesterday was my 26 1/2 week appointment and everything is great! 
Baby is kicking tons! 
Another food group is off the list-no red sauces, chocolate (I know-very sad) and now citrus!
Next appointment in 4 weeks and that is the 3D ultrasound.   
3rd tri-mester here we come.


  1. Yay for school! I want to get our Paisley in something before baby boy comes! I love the name Pippa! So cute!! Any luck on the middle name!? :)
    Bring on another healthy baby and the 3rd trimester! :)

  2. It is so nice Ashley...I am going to keep her in it while I am on maternity leave as well, so I have time to sleep and adjust to the new baby and nursing again. No luck on the middle as of yet...thanks for the ideas. I hope you are doing well too. Take care of yourself.